Lalu Prasad’s Daughter Rohini Acharya Yadav Age & Biography Husband Name & Pics

 Lalu Prasad’s Daughter Rohini Acharya Yadav Age & Biography Husband Name & Pics

The internet is buzzed since a name rolled out on it. We are talking about the super lady and super daughter who saved her father’s life by donating her kidney to her father. Well, the news has been making headlines since it broke on social media. You all must have heard about Lalu Prasad Yadav’s health for which the Indian politician is going under medical treatment for a long time. Although, the battle to live was getting tougher for Mr. Yadav while in the midst of this war, his daughter Rohini Acharya a.k.a Rohini Yadav came up and gave her kidney to her father.

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There is no doubt that Lalu Prasad Yadav is among the most searched names in political history and saying this won’t be worse is that he is one of the politicians about whom almost everyone has read and heard something once in a life. Lalu Yadav is an Indian politician and president of the Rashtriya Janata Dal. He has served as Chief Minister of Bihar, a former Railway Minister of India, and a former Member of Parliament of the Lok Sabha. Where from 1990-1997 he was holding the post of CM of Bihar, from 2004-2009 he served as Railway Minister of India, and has been a member of Parliament for a long time.

Who Is Rohini Acharya Yadav?

Well, according to the reports, Lalu Prasad Yadav was going under medical treatment for a long time and was admitted to a Singapore hospital where he was being treated for his kidney failure. The man is a father to 9 children and currently, he was staying in Singapore where his 2nd daughter Rohini Acharya Yadav lives. Despite, being a father to 9 children his 2nd one came up and created headlines after her this deed and love towards her father. Some online sources have said that Rohini is considered the most educated child in the Yadav family and she is very close to her father. Talking about her educational qualifications, reportedly, the girl has done MBBS but after getting married to Samaresh Singh the girl started to live as a homemaker.

However, on the internet, there is not much information available about his daughter Rohini Yadav but looking at some of her pictures can confuse you thinking if she is really a homemaker or an internet celebrity. Netizens have been saying that she was a bright student and always wanted to be a doctor but after tying the knot in 2002, she became a housewife and her dreams got paused there. Although, what were the reasons, no one can tell, and better not to talk about them. But the only thing is that the girl has gained a social impression in the past few days after she donated her kidney to her father and made the transplant successful. After her, this deed some of the big names from Indian democracy praised Rohini for her love towards her father. No doubt she did something that everyone will talk about in the future. Stay connected to read more on trending news across the nation.


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