Kerala Vande Bharat Train News: Stones Pelted On Newly-Launched Vande Bharat Express (Train 18 ) In Kerala

 Kerala Vande Bharat Train News: Stones Pelted On Newly-Launched Vande Bharat Express (Train 18 ) In Kerala

Again it is news of harming public property by a large number of people. Well, as you all know that Indian govt has been launching the new fastest trains in the nation to make the journey more convenient and faster as compared to before. You must know that recently another Vande Bharat Express was launched in Kerala state but right after it ran on the track, people planted stones and damaged the newly launched train in the state. Now, the news has become the talk of the town because recently the same incident had seen in West Bengal.

Kerala Vande Bharat Train News: Stones Pelted On Newly-Launched Vande Bharat Express (Train 18 ) In Kerala

Just to make people’s journeys convenient and save them valuable time, the Indian Railways is launching the new Vande Bharat Express but it seems like the people of the nation are still astray and not thinking what they are doing. According to the reports, no casualties were reported so far. On the internet and news channels you will read or watch the same news of stones pelted at the newly launched Vande Bharat Express train that runs between Kerala’s Tirunavaya and Tirur. The police have registered a case. The railway said it has decided to strengthen train security.

Stone Pelted At Newly Launched Vande Bharat Express In Kerala

The latest Vande Bharat express train was recently flagged off by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the 25th of April. Well, as far as the route is concerned then this one Vande Bharat Express connects the state capital with the northernmost Kasaragod district of Kerala. According to the reports, the train covers a total of 11 districts, that are Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam, Kottayam, Ernakulam, Thrissur, Palakkad, Pathanamthitta, Malappuram, Kozhikode, Kannur, and Kasargod.

You all must be in the swim that the Indian govt this year told that around 400 Vande Bharat Express are likely to be launched and it is all happening to make people’s journey better and more convenient. Well, no doubt that the VB Express which is also known as Train 18 has become the most loved and popular train in the nation and it is because of the facilities and the ambiance of the train. Also, this is one of the trains that run at the exact time.

However, it is not hidden from anyone that despite being with the nation there are still a large number of people who are astray due to some reasons, and such kind of incidents always happen due to the same reasons. If we talk about this shocking and anti-national kind of behavior of people, saying this won’t be bad and that if they are not get treated well then it can be a big mess. According to the reports, the Railway Police Force (RPF) has registered a complaint against the matter and they are looking into it for more information. Stay tuned with us to get more updates on the all trending news in the nation.

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