Indian Man Tweets For Not Getting Window Seat In British Airlines Despite Paying Extra

 Indian Man Tweets For Not Getting Window Seat In British Airlines Despite Paying Extra

A very sad incident happened with a passenger on British Airways when he asked the airline about his window despite paying extra for the window seat. Now, for a moment this incident sounds funny and sad both. While on the internet some people are making fun of the man, on the other side some are feeling sad for him saying he would have got the window seat after all the man paid extra for the same. Now, as the news is trending on social media it is getting global attention and netizens are talking about it. So, if you are also one of those who are keen to know more about the news then be here till the end.

Indian Man Tweets For Not Getting Window Seat In British Airlines Despite Paying Extra

Well, as you all know that people often pay extra money just to get the window seat whenever they planned to travel. However, it does not matter how long one has to travel but one must splurge money getting window seats, especially when a person is traveling overseas or through mountains, because the view matters a lot rather than the journey because all it makes at the trip is the view from your windows so that you can enjoy it without getting bored while traveling. The same thing happened with an Indian man who was traveling on British airlines when he paid an extra amount just to get the window seat but all he got was a wall beside him.

Indian Man Tweets For Not Getting Window Seat

So, on the internet, if you are searching for today’s trending news then you will get to know about a man who paid extra charges, especially for the window seat but he didn’t get as per his wish. A passenger who recently boarded a British Airways got disappointed when he got to know that his seat does not have any window. Surprisingly, the seat was actually a window one but there is no window which can be seen in the viral tweet by the man.

The passenger named Anirudh Mittal, took his Twitter to show his displeasure over the entire scene, in the tweet you can see how the seat is actually the same one he paid wished to have but does not have any window near. Writing the tweet to the airline the man wrote “I paid extra for a right-side window seat because it’s supposed to be beautiful when you land at Heathrow.” He added while tagging British Airways, “where’s my window yo?”

Netizens’s Reaction

Now, when the tweet has gone viral on the internet people across the globe are commenting on the post expressing their disappointment on the same scene, telling that they also got cheated by the airlines. As we said that some users made fun of the tweet while some came up in the support of Mittal. Talking about the funny comments then a user wrote “Maybe they didn’t know you’re a Windows user?”, while another wrote “Brits and their old habits of stealing.” Apart from this if we talk about serious comments then “Same thing happened on Emirates I chose a seat for my son’s travel & my son after his travel told me there was no Window,” the post has a lot of comments that you can also look at. Stay tuned to read more updates on the viral news.


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