India Test-Fires Agni-V Missile! Read Complete News On India China Clash

 India Test-Fires Agni-V Missile! Read Complete News On India China Clash

Is there going to be another war? The world is dealing with so many things and for the last couple of weeks, India is also dealing with China’s started tiff at the border. Now, the new India that replies for sure and that too at the best has successfully test-fired or better say a long-range nuclear-capable missile, according to the reports, Delhi aims to boost its defense capabilities amid border tensions with China. Well, millions of Indians are thinking of China as the nation is again messing with India, so now it has become the talk of the town, that when the situation at Galway valley is going to be normal back.

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India has effectively completed night preliminaries of the Agni V atomic able long-range rocket which can hit focuses past 5,400 km, sources in the Protection Service said on Thursday, in the midst of uplifted pressures with China over conflicts along the accepted boundary in Arunachal Pradesh last week.
The test was completed to approve new innovations and gear on the rocket and has demonstrated that the rocket can now hit targets further away than previously, they added. 

India Tests Its 9th Agni-V Missile Amid War Tensions With China

According to the reports, the nuclear-capable ballistic missile was detonated from Abdul Kalam Island, off the coast of Odisha. If you have been reading about the Indian missiles then you must be in the swim that this is the ninth flight of the Agni V . However, the first-ever missile was tested back in 2012 which was a routine test, said the Defence Ministry. Some online sources have been talking about the test where they are saying that the test had planned earlier, however, it was tested amid the was tensions with China. India had declared its goal to test a long-range rocket and gave a NOTAM or Notice to Pilots a long time before the episode in Arunachal’s Tawang.

“The missile will enhance the guard and reinforce public safety undeniably,” Joshi tweeted, referring to its scope of 5,400km (3,300 miles) or more. Following the test, officials gave notice and proclaimed the Narrows of Bengal as restricted air space, said Indian media reports, adding that its reach covers practically the whole of China’s central area. New strains emerged among India and China following conflicts between their military fighters on December 9 along their contested boundary in Arunachal Pradesh state.

It is not hidden that China has been creating trouble for the world, especially India. Indian netizens can be seen in aggression where everyone is saying that they are a part of the new India, it is not 1962 when China will mess and India will let them do what they want, but this time if they do not stop what they keep doing then the world will see another war. And it all can be seen on the internet. Stay tuned with Newsmint. in to know all the latest updates on trending news across the nation.


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