Do It Quickly Otherwise Your PAN Card Will Be Deactivated By The End Of March 31st

 Do It Quickly Otherwise Your PAN Card Will Be Deactivated By The End Of March 31st

As you all know that Indian govt has been bringing new laws to make your life better and amid many initiatives, recently news started surfacing on the web where everyone is talking about linking your Adhaar Card with your PAN card. So, as you all know that PAN card is one of the mandatory documents to keep in your pocket. However, in the previous time, many documents such as Identity cards, birth certificates, and some other documents were among the top priority to be asked if you are going to do anything. But now Adhaar Card and PAN card has become the first thing to be asked if you are likely to do something with the Indian govt. So if you are searhing about how to link PAN Card with Adhaar Card? then be here till the end.

adhar and pan card link

However, it has been a long time since when Indian govt announced getting your PAN card linked with your Adhaar card otherwise there would be some restrictions under which you will not be able to open a new bank account or do any transactions. No doubt Indians, as usual, were taking it lightly but now that the Govt has announced to put fines or penalties on the people who will delay the process, it seems like people now are rushing to link their Adhaar card with their PAN card. Before talking much about the fine, penalty, and restrictions that you can go through if you do not do what govt has stated, here are the details on how you can link your PAN card with your Adhaar card.

How To Link PAN Card With Adhaar Card?

The answer to this question is just an easy thing to deal with. Well, you don’t have to do much rocket science in this but have to simply go through the official website of UIDAI where you can find the options saying Link your PAN. However, in case the site does not work properly or lacks loading then here is another way following which you can do the same job easily.

  • Visit The Official Website Of Income Tax
  • Look For The Option Link on Your Adhaar Card
  • Fill Following Details
  • Get OTP Verification
  • Link Your Adhaar

Also, when you will enter the official website of Income Tax there you will find many things throughout which you can find for “Check Adhaar Status”. Once you will press the button of check status, there you will have to fill in your PAN card number and Adhaar number and submit. The pop-up will tell you if your Adhaar is linked with your PAN or not.

What If Adhaar Is Not Linked To PAN Card?

Now, the main question that millions of people in India are searching and asking is, what if we do not link PAN with Adhaar and what is the fine or penalty for not linking PAN with Adhaar? So, we would like to illuminate that in the current time period, it is being said that if you do not link your Adhaar and PAN together then you will have to repent for this. So, here is the reason why you should have to get your PAN and Adhaar linked together.

As per Section 139AA of the Income Tax Act 1961, every person eligible to obtain an Aadhaar and has PAN must link their Aadhaar with their PAN by the end of this fiscal. If you fail to link your Aadhaar with your PAN by March 31, 2023, your 10-digit unique alphanumeric number (PAN Number) will become inoperative. Also, after a certain period, there would be a penalty of Rs 10,000, reportedly. Stay Tuned with us to get more updates on the all mandatory news.


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