Harayana Govt To Change School Timings! Check Details Here

 Harayana Govt To Change School Timings! Check Details Here

Haryana School Timings: Keeping an eye on the health of students after observing a drop in the temperature, the Haryana govt has announced to bring a small change in the timings of its schools. The Haryana govt recently announced new school timings. The announcement was made through a tweet where the Directorate of Information and Public Relations of the Haryana Government declared that the pristine timing will be enforced in both single-shift and double-shift schools. You must be looking for the information on the big update searching if your kid’s school will do the same or not. So, here are the complete details of the announcement.

Harayana Govt To Change School Timings! Check Details Here

Haryana’s Govt School’s Latest Timings

Certainly, it is a good step from the govt towards all of the students because now when we got a minor drop in the climate, there would be a major too, and therefore keeping an eye on the health of children, the initiative is quite well. However, the timings are extended by 1 hour. For example, if a school begins at 8 and overs at 2, then now it would be shifted from 9 AM to 3 PM. The Haryana DPR tweeted, where he wrote “The government of Haryana decided to bring a small change in the timings of schools from December 1. Now, the latest timings of single-shift schools will be 09:30 A.M. to 03:30 P.M. While, on the other hand, in double-shift schools, the first shift will be from 07:55 A.M. to 12:30 P.M. and the second shift will be from 12:40 P.M. to 05:15 P.M”.

Education Minister Kanwar Pal’s Announcement

Ahead of the timings update, Haryana’s education minister, Kanwar Pal announced that soon there would be an upgradation in a number of Govt schools in Haryana. In his statement, he said that Govt schools are set to get a major update in the infrastructure. Where he said that schools across Haryana will soon get dual desks as well. In his statement, he told that around 1.41 lakh dual desks are being purchased for primary, secondary, and senior secondary schools, and this number will be distributed in 26 blocks of all 22 districts of Haryana.

Presiding over a meeting of all senior officials of the Education Department, he said “A total amount of roughly Rs 95 crore will be spent on this. These desks will be given to the only respective schools in the first phase by January 31, 2023.” Now, as per his statement, you can assume that the new update in infrastructure and dual desk scheme is only for those schools that have performed well in past years and have a good reputation.

Speaking ahead in the conference he told that roughly 1 crore will be given to every school for the renovation. Along with this he also said that around 65,501 desks would available for students of class 5th, while, 36,168 desks for classes 6th to 8th students and for the students of classes 11th and 12th a total of 39,208 desks would be delivered. Well, let’s see what will happen and how soon will it be delivered to the schools. Till then stay tuned to get more updates.


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