Gurgaon: Auto Driver Stabbed Passenger & Snatched His Belongings FIR Filed Against Driver

 Gurgaon: Auto Driver Stabbed Passenger & Snatched His Belongings FIR Filed Against Driver

Gurgaon is once again in headlines after an auto rikshaw driver showed him a knife and snatched all his money and ran away. According to the news, a 22 years old man working in a private company in Gurugram was stabbed and later robbed him. The shocking incident happened in Gurugaon’s IFCO chowk national highway 48 at around 3 Pm the afternoon. After the incident, the corporate employee rushed to the near police station and filed an FIR against the driver. The Gurugram police stated that the driver is on run and soon they will nab him.

Auto Driver Stabbed Passenger IFCO chowk gurgaon news

Well, it is not a new thing when something shocking happened in the cyber city but before this, so many incidents have happened. For example recently, in Udyog vihar, a car driver killed 1 senior citizen while he was drifting for a moment it looks like everything happened unknowingly but just after that moment the driver turned his car and came again in more speed to kill more people outside a liquor shop in Gurgaon’s Udyog vihar. Just after that moment, another case happened when a group of people met in a fight with bouncers of a club at MG Road.

Gurgaon Auto Rikshaw Robbery

According to the reports, there were two passengers in the auto while this happened whereas, the victim was identified as 22 years old Arun Kumar who works with a medical equipment supplier took an autorickshaw from Sohna Chowk to Jawahar Nagar in Gurgaon. Later, Arun Kumar in his statement said that he was in the rikshaw and another person was sitting with the auto driver. “Another passenger was seating in the auto next to me. It was Around 1.20 pm, when I experienced this, as we reached Iffco Chowk U-turn on NH-48, the auto driver stopped the vehicle by the roadside to relieve himself. Unexpectedly, the driver and his subordinate castigated me and bring out a dagger, and put it against my chest. They asked me to hand over all my belongings, and when I refused, the auto driver stabbed me in the chest and right hand”.

The cyber city where daily thousands of people come to work and earn. Despite having much tighter security these types of criminals are not sitting quietly and still if people are not safe then you can think how cheap people’s mentality is still no matter if they are living in a such a city where people across the nation come to work and earn. Instead of making them feel locals of Noida and Gurugram try to be the bose every time, and it should not happen after all it affects the reputation not only the city but the govt too.


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