Govt To Mandate Voter ID Card For Taking Admission In College, Read Here

 Govt To Mandate Voter ID Card For Taking Admission In College, Read Here

A piece of news recently started surfacing on the web that has made thousands of students worried about who is about to take admitted to college for graduation. Well, before talking much about the news, we would like to attract your sight to the main headline that has claimed that soon a new rule is going to implement for the students. According to online news, now if anyone is going to take admitted to college for pursuing graduation then he or she has to keep their Voter ID Card, and if someone does not have the card then he or she won’t be able to pursue further education.

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Certainly, it is a good step but it has a number of troubles, now what do we mean by trouble? So, we would like to let you know that still, so many people do not have their voter ID card and it is a normal thing because so many people do complete their studies before they go to vote. And if Govt really thinks to imply something like this, perhaps it won’t go as well as govt might have thought. However, in the current scenario, there is not any data available claiming about India’s current population with voter ID cards but still for example if 20,000 people are going to take admissions in college to pursue graduation so only 11,000 (estimated) will have their ID card and rest of them may have different cases such as not applied for either has applied but waiting for the parcel.

Why Voter ID Card Mandatory To Get Admission To College?

Online news has claimed that some major changes are going to take place in University admissions from the academic session 2023-24. The news started surfacing on the web when news broke on social media claiming Maharashtra Govt is planning to imply some new terms and conditions in the education system. Among all the new terms and conditions to continue further studies, one came up claiming a person who is over 18 years old and planning to get admission for graduation then he or she should have a Voter ID Card else they won’t get admission in Maharashtra’s college. However, behind this step, there is a vision of spreading awareness of voting among youth but it is yet to be announced if it is implemented or not.

Maharashtra Higher and Technical Education Minister Chandrakant Patil announced this initiative saying the govt is ready to solicit this to youth so soon. According to the reports, it all happened in a meeting called by Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari where he called all the vice-chancellors from all govt universities in Maharashtra. Among all of them Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, and Maharashtra CM Eknath Shinde were also present there in the meeting.

The Chief Election Commissioner of Maharashtra Shrikant Deshpande appealed too, to all of the universities to spread awareness among students so that they would be a part of the democratic process of elections. The reason behind this step is only to spread awareness about voting so that students would get to know about this mandatory thing in a civilian’s life. According to the reports, 90% of college and university students are over 18 but still out of the voter list. Well, there would be some other updates as well, such as 3 years of graduation is now extended to 4, reportedly. Stay connected to read more latest informative news.


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