Environment Minister Tweets Accusing AAP-led Punjab Govt For Poisoning Delhi Air

 Environment Minister Tweets Accusing AAP-led Punjab Govt For Poisoning Delhi Air

Accusing scene is rising day by day and instead of finding a conclusion, political parties are getting into debates and putting allegations about each other. As result, Delhi is suffering from its poisoned air, and only Delhi people know how tough breathing in Delhi has become since the stubble burning began. Undoubtedly, Delhi people should be considered as survivors because every year they suffer from the polluted air that led so many diseases related to breathing, and it all happens because of two states Haryana & Punjab as they burn stubble every year. But this time the good thing is, Haryana did not repeat the same thing and polluted Delhi air, but Punjab is playing this role, as a 19% rise in farm fires was observed this year as compared to 2021.

Delhi CM accused of punjab stubble burning

Bhupendar Yadav Tweet

Recently, Union environment minister Bhupender Yadav shared a picture on his Twitter where he shared a picture as statistics showing how AAP’s Punjab Government is responsible for polluting Delhi’s air and making it a gas chamber. He shared the statistics of 2021 & 20222 comparing stubble burning of Haryana and Punjab. The ratio in the picture is enough to be clear who is responsible for pointing to Delhi’s air. In the tweet, he wrote “There is no doubt over who has turned Delhi into a gas chamber. The scam is where AAP is…,”

In one of his statements he said that there was a budget of 492 crores available, but instead of finding any other way to settle the stubble down the Govt chose to sit with the budget and forced farmers to burn the crop residue. In his tweet, he even said “Just today, Punjab saw 3,634 fires… There is no doubt over who has turned Delhi into a gas chamber.” According to the statistics, it is clear that Punjab has done it as Punjab saw a more than 19% rise in farm fires as compared to the last year 2021, on the other side Haryana (where the BJP is in power) has recorded a 30.6% drop in stubble burning during the same period.

Arvind Kejriwal Reaction

According to his statement, a total of Rs 212 crore was left unspent that Punjab govt did not show where they spent the money, and the same thing happened when this year the central govt gave Rs 280 crore to Punjab for crop residue management machines. It all shows that Punjab still has the previous year’s amount and aiding the same into the account Punjab currently holds Rs 492 crore. Bhupender in his statement showed a ratio where he said “in the previous year (Sept 15-Nov 2) farm blazes in Sangrur was standing at 1,266. But this year they have shot up by 139% rising to 3,025″ which is not a normal or ignorable thing.

Coming up on the allegations Kejriwal said that it is all happening because of the Central govt as they won’t do anything for farmers because of last year’s protests against the three farm laws. Now, it is yet to be confirmed if Mr. Arvind Kejriwal manipulating the ratio and trying to prove the reports false or maybe he will do something for Punjab’s farmers. However, every report is showing that AAP-led Punjab is littering the air, and not only Delhi but entire North India is suffering from the polluted air. Let’s what initiates will be taken. Till then stay in the loop with us.


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