#DhuaHuaKejriwal Trends On Twitter After Delhi People Burnt Crackers & Shared Pics

 #DhuaHuaKejriwal Trends On Twitter After Delhi People Burnt Crackers & Shared Pics

Hey, folks! there is no doubt that people always celebrate every festival with great pomp and show, no matter if govt implement new rules or do something even more strict actions. Well, the same thing was observed on Diwali night when a massive number of people burnt crackers and celebrated Diwali. As soon as it was observed that crackers are being burnt and that too in full swing, netizens ran a new hashtag on Twitter that became the trending one. Yes, we are talking about the new Twitter trend #DhuaHuaKejriwal. Well, you must be looking for the reason behind this hashtag so read below.

#DhuaHuaKejriwal Trends On Twitter Diwali Images HD

It is not hidden from anyone that whenever there is any festival, especially any Hindu festival, govt, and different organizations come up and bring new laws and starts making people count the pros of celebrating the festival in the methodological way that we have been celebrating in, and says so many things no matter if anything can hurt the sentiments of the one who is going to celebrate the night with his family. The same thing happened a week prior when the Delhi state govt implemented a new rule under which anyone, who was caught red-handed selling and burning crackers will pay the fine and even get to hit the bars. But despite being a new law implemented people of Delhi burnt crackers and that too a huge quantity.

What is #DhuaHuaKejriwal Trend On Twitter?

Now, when the day is over and celebrated with great pomp and show, netizens brought a new trend on Twitter that is #DhuaHuaKejriwal. People are searching about what is #DhuaHuaKejriwal on Twitter. So, we would like to tell you that the trend is nothing but a taunt to Delhi’s CM Arvind Kejriwal, and it is because no one obeyed his rule and even criticized too. No doubt that CM is facing massive outrage from Delhiites especially from Hindus because whenever there is any Hindu festival the state govt brings new rules that people barely follow.


On the internet, people are talking that the trending hashtag is nothing but a slap on the face of the state Govt just to show, no one is going to follow whatever the CM and his party going to do. Well, as you all know that due to crackers there is too much smoke that litters the environment and brings breathing problems, but it mainly happens at festivals, as commented by so many netizens, therefore the rule was brought but no one followed the same and burnt crackers, therefore, netizens sparked a new Twitter trend called #Dhuahuakejriwal. People shared so many pictures and videos of them burning crackers using the same hashtag. Here is one of the posts that you can see below.

Talking about #DhuaHuaKejriwal so, it is because of the smoke of the crackers that covered the sky and the entire Delhi. Some of the people even burnt crackers in front of Aam Aadmi Party’s MLAs’ houses just to show them, that they will burn crackers no matter what their law is going against. However, it is an offense and violation of the rule too. But this is the truth the people of Delhi didn’t obey the rule and went against the law. Comment down and share your experience of this Diwali.


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