Delhi Hit-And-Run Case: Over speeding Car Killed 1 Person In Delhi, Man Seen Lying On Car’s Roof Video Viral

 Delhi Hit-And-Run Case: Over speeding Car Killed 1 Person In Delhi, Man Seen Lying On Car’s Roof Video Viral

A very heart-wrenching incident happened in Delhi recently where a car driver took a life and killed a person leaving another injured heavily. The entire scene was recorded on camera by a passerby. On the internet, this is the most trending news of the day where you will read about the Delhi hit-and-run case in which a man died and another sustained injuries. According to the reports, the shocking incident happened in National Capital’s VIP zone on Saturday night. As soon as the news caught the hype on the internet the police took strict actions and caught the accused.

Delhi Hit-And-Run Case: Over speeding Car Killed 1 Person In Delhi, Man Seen Lying On Car's Roof Video Viral

Well, there is no doubt that cases of road rages have risen in past years, and due to this Indian govt keeps implementing new traffic laws and rules. But despite all of this such incidents always happen that end up with deaths and other big troubles. For example, if we talk about the national capital then in the past few months Delhi people have witnessed so many incidents that have shaken humanity, recently Delhi Kanjhawala road accident became the talk of the town, and just a day before there was another news where a Gurgaon man dragged a cab driver for quite long range. And today we are reading another shocking piece of news.

Delhi Hit-And-Run Case News

News is trending on social media where a car driver collided with a bike later on the driver didn’t stop his car and continued to drive. The more shocking thing about this incident is, on the bike, there were 2 men where one was identified as a 20-year-old boy, who sustained massive injuries, and another was a 30 years old man who died after sustaining injuries. Now, you can assume the speed of the car that the after the collision the one biker who sustained injuries was thrown several feet away and another was on the roof of the car.

According to the eye witness  Mohammad Bilal, the accused did not stop his car despite being in the swim that someone is on his roof after the collision and the driver continued to drive and after driving for almost 3 kilometers, the car driver dumped the injured man off the car nearby Delhi Gate and fled from the spot. In accordance with reports, the victims have been identified as a 30-year-old man named Deepanshu Verma who died from his injuries. On the other side, there was another man identified as 20-year-old Mukul, who sustained injuries.

The deceased was an owner of a jewelry shop and was the single child of his parents. However, the police have caught the accused but they are yet to roll out his identity and name. Undoubtedly, the family is seeking justice and as the news is surfacing on the web, it seems like the police have to take strict actions against the accused. Well, much information on this shocking news is yet to come. Our saddest condolences are with the deceased’s family. Stay connected with us to read more updates on the news.


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