Education: Delhi Govt Schools To Include A 10-Minute Snack Break In The Schedules

 Education: Delhi Govt Schools To Include A 10-Minute Snack Break In The Schedules

The education system in India seems to step towards betterment, and as we have been getting new notifications about changes in the Indian education system, it feels like soon things will work amazingly. Now, as per the latest circular by the Directorate of Education (DoE), all the schools have to include a 10 minutes snack break from now. According to the reports, the snack break has to be 2.5 hours prior to the lunch break, written in the circular. The initiative is taken to keep malnutrition in the mind and to battle malnutrition in children. Along with managing a 10 min snack break, the Delhi govt has also decided to give parents counseling in all schools of Delhi.

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So, all Delhi schools now have to include a 10 minutes snack break before the lunch break. As we all know and have done as well, so many students go to school without having breakfast, and due to this they feel low all day and it slowly develops malnutrition in children. In the circular, it is written that schools have to include this break and it should occur 2.5 hours before the lunch break so that students will have some energy for the day. However, the break will happen as same as we have seen lunch breaks in schools, where students bring food on their own. While some students bring their own food, some of them eat under the mid-day meal scheme.

10-Minute Snack Break To Be Include In Schedule

As of now, Delhi schools have asked to prepare a weekly planner for the snacks break, where 3 options of food are kept. Now, as it would be a short break for snacks therefore in this break students may bring seasonal fruits, sprouts, salad, roasted chana, peanuts, etc. As it would be based only on 3 food options so now it is all up to each school what they have planned to keep in the weekly planner. 

According to the circular released by the directorate of education, it is written that “Suggested foods should be cost-effective. Students must be advised to bring at least one food item which is mentioned in the weekly planner for a mini snack break. The Head of each school and home science faculty will monitor the implementation of the planner during this break. However, In the evening shift schools, mini snacks with low volume and high nutrition should be preferred in the weekly planner”.

The DOE has also stated that schools will be holding class-wise counseling sessions in consultation with home science teachers highlighting the relationship between a healthy diet and how it affects performance in academics, attention span, growth of children, physical activity, and comprehension. In easy words, teachers will be telling all the students about the benefits of a good diet for the brain and body. In the session, the teachers (Home science) will talk about the parents too telling them to prepare low-cost high nutritive value dishes. Well, much information can be read on the official website of the directorate of education. Also, hit the comment box and let us know what you think about govt’s this initiative.


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