Chhattisgarh Couple Viral Video: Romance On Moving Bike Ends Up At Jail

 Chhattisgarh Couple Viral Video: Romance On Moving Bike Ends Up At Jail

Hey, Folks! In today’s era where getting viral has become a trend therefore many people often do some kind of weird movements that led them to the limelight. However, sometimes due to their behavior or publicity stunt, they, unfortunately, hit the bars but despite all strictness, people do not care about the law and often do such stunts. In the midst of all trending news, one was recently seen in Chhattisgarh where a couple was seen doing romance on a moving bike, as soon as the video caught the hype the couple came into the trending list along with Police’s eyes too.

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However, it is not a new thing when a couple of romance on a moving bike but before them, there are so many people who have done the same, and that too in India’s Capital Delhi. You can search on the internet for the same and you will get a lot of videos where you will watch a boy riding a bike and the girl either sitting in the back seat or on the fuel tank hugging her partner. Although, in the Chhattisgarh couple viral video you will watch that the bike is still going straight on the road, if you search for the same then you will see that in Delhi, Punjab and Chandigarh there are a lot of couples who have done this, and record deliberately to share the clip on the internet.

Chhattisgarh Couple Viral Video

So, recently a video went viral on the internet where a young couple was seen hugging and kissing on a moving bike on the streets of Chhattisgarh. According to the reports, the video was recorded in Bhilai, in the viral video you can see how the boy is riding the bike while the girl is sitting on the petrol tank hugging and kissing her beau. Although, the boy has been identified as 27 years old Javed, who works at a furniture shop in Vaishali Nagar. The couple has now been booked for negligent driving after the apparent public display of Affection (PDA) became a safety hazard. Here you can watch the clip as well.

When the video reached the police, an investigation sparked into the matter. Actually, the boy was riding a bike without a number plate on it. Later, when the police probed into the matter, they revealed that the bike which Javed was riding was a stolen one. However, the bike’s worth is Rs 1.5 Lakh and he bought it for only Rs. 9000 from Rajnandgoan. However, the clip was shared on the internet on January 21st and started getting viral recently.  With the stolen bike the couple wandered almost half of the city but later Durg Police track the bike somehow and detain the couple the next day. Although, as the police were not completely able to track the couple therefore after arresting the pair they told them to recreate the scene again at Globe chowk followed by which they got assured and nabbed them.


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