Bushwhacker Butch Dies At 78, What Happened To WWE Legend? Butch Miller Passed Away

 Bushwhacker Butch Dies At 78, What Happened To WWE Legend? Butch Miller Passed Away

The internet has been flooded with millions of condolences after death news was broke on the internet, followed by which netizens got shocked. Yes, we are talking about the WWE Legend Bushwhacker Butch, and it is to be announced with a very heavy heart that the man has passed away after losing the fight against illness, reportedly. As soon as the news started surfacing on the web it began creating a buzz and his fans across the globe took their social media to express their grief over the saddest news of the week. Now, people are searching for how did Bushwhacker Butch die? what happened to the WWE wrestler?

Bushwhacker Butch Dies At 78, What Happened To WWE Legend? Butch Miller Passed Away

According to the news trending on the internet, it came to known that the wrestling legend Bushwhacker Butch took his last breath after a sort of brief illness. The shocking news was first confirmed by his longtime tag team partner Bushwhacker Luke, announcing the news he also told that “it all happened due to medications”. In an interview, Mr. Luke “also told that “He flew in from New Zealand on Wednesday, and was all good. Luke also took his social media account where He paid tribute in a Facebook post on April 3. The post reads “Late last night, I lost my friend, brother, and tag team partner of over 50 years with the passing of Bob ‘Butch’ Miller”.

What Happened To Bushwhacker Butch?

Born on 21 October 1944 in Auckland, New Zealand the wrestling star was originally named Robert Miller but he was prominently known as Bushwhacker Butch. There is no doubt that the man gained an immense fan base throughout his career and also got many nicknames from his fans or better say the audience. He was also known as Butch Miller
“Butch” Doink, Cousin Butch, Nick Carter, Bushwhacker Butch, and so on. Although, if we talk about his personal life then looking at his official Wikipedia page will show you more about his career and the life he got after stepping in the ring, despite being an athlete his personal life was not how he used to look in the ring.

Bushwhacker Butch began his career in 1964 and till 2001 his career was in full swing. However, in 2003 Miller moved back to New Zealand from Florida. The man along with his wife lived in Paraparaumu Beach until 2016. Later, he along with his wife Helen moved to Ōtaki Beach in 2016. However, Miller had been suffering from health issues in early 2002 when he stayed in the ICU, and he stayed there for a quite long time.

Later, when he came out his teammate Luke Williams kept it private from the public regarding what issue Miller had. However, after taking retirement back in 2001 Miller also known as Butch began working as the commissioner for NZWPW. No doubt he lived his best whether it is about his career or personal. He was 78 years old at the time of his death, no doubt he will always remain alive in our hearts through. Our saddest condolences are with his family and fans, may his soul rest in heaven.


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