Ashish Vidyarthi-Rupali Barua Wedding Pics! Netizens Reaction Memes On Twitter! Who is Rupali Barua?

 Ashish Vidyarthi-Rupali Barua Wedding Pics! Netizens Reaction Memes On Twitter! Who is Rupali Barua?

On the internet currently, the news is trending about famous Hollywood actors’ weddings. Yes, we are talking about Ashish Vidyarthi’s wedding with a fashion entrepreneur named Rupali Barua. Now, as soon as the news of the actor’s wedding broke on the internet millions of people started posting on social media. While, some are making fun of the couple, on the other side many people are congratulating them as well. You all must be thinking that what is bad in getting married and why people are criticizing his wedding with the lady. So, if you are also one of those who are searching on the same topic and keen to know who is Rupali Barua? Ashish Vidyarthi’s wife then scrolls on.

Ashish Vidyarthi-Rupali Barua Wedding Pics! Netizens Reaction Memes On Twitter! Who is Rupali Barua?

So, recently a picture of a couple was shared on the internet after which netizens started making fun of the couple. However, Ashish and his new wife have not spoken about the media outrage. But if you search about Ashish Vidyarthi’s wife’s images then currently you will get only memes with their only single picture, where the couple is seen sitting with garlands. Although, on the internet, you will see millions of people criticizing the couple by commenting. Also, Ashish’s first wife Rajoshi Vidyarthi, after his second wedding with Rupali shared a cryptic post on her official Instagram story where she was seen pointing out her husband and trying to tell something like a misunderstanding between the couple.

Ashish Vidyrathi & Rupali Barua Wedding Pics

Well, the couple has not shared any glimpses of their wedding, but some social media pages have shared images from the Ashish Weds Rupali event. However, in the pics you can see Ashish is dressed as a groom in a Mundu, while the bride Rupali is wearing an Assamese Mekhela Chador, embodying their various cultures in their attire and traditions. Rupali is accessorized with gold jewels inspired by South Indian temple art. As we told you where people are making memes and fun of their wedding, on the other side some positive comments on their wedding are seen gracing their new beginning together.

Who Is Rupali Barua? Wiki-Biography

Now, when it comes to talking about Rupali Barua then according to the reports, she is a fashion entrepreneur hailing from Guwahati. She is associated with a fashion store in Kolkata. However, Ashish Vidyarthi’s wife, Rupali Barua does not have an official Wikipedia page and it can be possible that as she is not from the industry therefore not many people know her. Even if you look on the internet and search about her, so on the Instagram she goes online as the lady has over 2k followers on her official Instagram, and keeping an eye on her social media activities saying this would not be bad that she is less active on the social media.

Netizens’ Reaction & Memes On Ashish Rupali’s Wedding

As soon as the pics of Ashish Weds Rupali went viral on the internet it started to create a buzz on the web. In just a few minutes people started making memes on the same. Well, if you are thinking why people are criticizing their wedding, so we would like to tell you that actually, Ashish is 60 years old and is married already. His first wife’s name is Rajoshi Barua and the couple together have a baby as well. Now, another point why they are being criticized so, the actor is 60 years old and his new wife Rupali Barua is younger than her.

Actually, Rupali Barua looks younger than Ashish. As the lady does not have an official Wikipedia therefore not much information is available about her. While, some are saying that she is 30 years old, on the other side some websites are claiming that she is 50 years old. Well, currently there are many memes on the internet about the latest couple. Stay tuned with us to get all the latest updates on all trending news.


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