Around 400 More Vande Bharat Trains Likely To Roll Out On Tracks! Read Here

 Around 400 More Vande Bharat Trains Likely To Roll Out On Tracks! Read Here

The Indian Railways got happy news, in the new and most enormous budget for railways it has said that around 300-400 new Vande Bharat trains would be given to the Indian railways. Railway minister Ashwini Vaishnaw in a statement said that soon India’s first Vande Bharat train and that too with sleeper coaches would roll out in the first quarter of 2024. Speaking to the press, the railway minister told that the plan to bring 475 more Vande Bharat has begun and it will happen in the upcoming 3 years.

Around 400 More Vande Bharat Trains Likely To Roll Out On Tracks! Read Here

The news has not created happiness among those who love to travel by train. The other interesting thing about this news is, the Vande Bharat train has limited tracks along with routes so far. But now, when there would be more than 400 Vande Bharat then you can assume that the journey would be so amazing. The train delivers a fast speed along with so many things inside it, such as food, newspapers, and so on. The most amazing thing about the train is, on this one you can reach your 100km+ destinations in just a few hours.

Railway Minister’s Statment On Vande Bharat

Ashwini Vaishnaw in his statement mentioned his aim when he said “The target of having 475 Vande Bharat trains is on the trail. In the last budget, 400 trains were sanctioned, and before that 75 had been sanctioned. We will be achieving the entire target in the coming three years”. However, some instructions are yet to come such as, will the new trains replace the already-running Rajdhani and Duronto trains on routes like Delhi-Mumbai, Delhi-Howrah, and other major routes or not?

There is no doubt that since Indian railways got Vande Bharat it has been started compared with Japan’s Bullet train. Although, it is not a bad thing as well, because the train delivers 135 KM speed and you can cover 400KM just in 8 hours. The train gets comfortable seats as well. However, the minister has stated that there would be sleeper coaches too in the future so saying this won’t be bad that now Vande Bharat will take its passenger across the nation.

While this statement was made, a senior official for IR said that the Indian railways have some future plans where they can become a major exporter of Vande Bharat trains by 2025-26 to markets in Europe, South America, and East Asia. Well, it is something that is going to make Indian Railways impressive in the world. Let’s see what next is about to happen, stay in the loop to get more details on trending news.


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