AIIMS Delhi: Hackers Demanded Rs 200 Crore In Cryptocurrency As Server Remains Down On 7th Day

 AIIMS Delhi: Hackers Demanded Rs 200 Crore In Cryptocurrency As Server Remains Down On 7th Day

AIIMS Delhi: A piece of very shocking news started trending on the internet recently, where it came to know that Delhi’s AIIMS hospital’s server has been hacked by hackers. However, the incident happened 6 days ago but even after a week, the management is unable to find out about the hackers and crack their programming. Now, the biggest news came that hackers have demanded a massive amount of Rs 200 Crore, and that too in cryptocurrency from AIIMs-Delhi, to leave the server. According to the sources, the settlement took place recently, but due to a breach that occurred between AIIMS-Delhi and hackers, patients are compromising.

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According to the latest reports, a bunch of hackers allegedly demanded a huge amount of Rs 200 crore, and that too in cryptocurrency from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Delhi, as the server of the hospital remains out of order for the 6th consecutive day. Now, the hospital is scared that if they would not able to deal with hackers then around 3-4 crores of patients of the hospital will be compromised due to this breach that happened on Wednesday. Patient care services in emergency, outpatient, inpatient, and laboratory wings are being managed manually after the server remains down for almost a week, new reports say.

AIIMS Delhi Fail To Deal With Hackers?

Since the incident happened many of the sources have come up and everyone is claiming a different story. Recently, it came to know that the India Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-IN), Delhi Police, and representatives of the Ministry of Home Affairs are scrutinizing the ransomware invasion. The Intelligence Fusion and Strategic Operations (IFSO) unit of the Delhi Police registered a case of extortion and cyber terrorism on November 25.

All the online services have been blocked on the hospital’s computers under the guidance of the investigating agencies. Well, if you think that what will hackers get after hacking the system of AIIMS, we would like to let you know that AIIMS is one of the prominent hospitals in the country where almost all of the big names of the nation whether it is actors or politician gets their treatment down and if in case anything about any specific person gets leaked then it will create a massive buzz. As the AIIMS server has accumulated data on a number of VIPs, including former prime ministers, ministers, bureaucrats, and judges.

The AIIMS’s network securing process is going through its work-in-progress phase, under which antivirus solutions have been managed for servers and computers. It has been installed on nearly 1,200 out of 5,000 computers. Twenty out of 50 servers have been scanned and this activity is ongoing 24×7, reportedly. However, it is yet to come if the management system would deal with hackers or will fix it on its own. 


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