AAP: Satyendar Jain Massage Video From Tihar Gets Leaked Went Viral On Internet!

 AAP: Satyendar Jain Massage Video From Tihar Gets Leaked Went Viral On Internet!

The Cabinet Minister Satyendra Jain who is currently in Jail was recently, seen in the headlines after his video got leaked on the internet where the man is seen taking VIP treatment at the jail. In the viral video, you can see how he is laying on the bed while a person is giving him a foot massage. Now, the thing is, Jain is already in the headlines after his money laundering case, and things got spiced up when conman Sukesh wrote a letter to LG where he wrote that Jain has been threatening him for a long time and in jail, he was asked to give money for his protection inside Tihar. Here is what the footage is actually about.

Satyender Jain Viral video from jail hd images

A political tempest emitted after the video of Delhi government serve Satyendar Jain getting kneaded in a Tihar Prison cell was spilled. Resistance groups attacked the Delhi government and the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). Alongside raising the interest to sack Satyendar Jain from the bureau, addressed Boss Priest Arvind Kejriwal’s ‘quiet’ during the entire episode. Simultaneously, Satyendar Jain moved toward the court naming the spilling of the video as disdain of the court and requesting scorn activity against the Requirement Directorate. The inquiry is likewise whether Jain’s back rub in the prison cell is lawful according to the legitimate perspective.

Satyendar Jain Massage Leaked Video

Previous Tihar Prison Ace Sunil Gupta told news organization ANI that it was obvious from the video that the prison detainees were rubbing the pastor. Each prison has a physiotherapy ward where experts treat the detainees. The viral video doesn’t create the impression that any physiotherapy is going on. Knead is not quite the same as physiotherapy. Physiotherapy is given in exceptional wards. As per jail rules, kneading isn’t permitted inside a cell. The opposition has also jumped between this viral incident and said that it should not be there, on which Manish Sisodiya said that Jain is undergoing medical treatment and he is not taking a VIP treatment but it is a part of a health check-up.

While the situation is still not under control, conman Sukesh Chandrasekhar wrote another letter to Delhi CM Mr. Arvind Kejriwal where he alleged him for so many things or better say deals that they have signed together before. In the letter, it was written “I hope you remember Shine Lau from DOS Electronics, China, who I had introduced to you, (Satyendar) Jain and Maish Sisodia, for the supply of tablets (hand computer) to your Delhi school model back in 2016. Now, as per this all, it seems like perhaps Kejriwal is really into the case and was in touch with Sukesh for a very long time. Let’s see how far this is going, stay in the loop to get more updates on viral stuff across the nation.


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