What Is SwasthGarbh App? Application For Pregnant Women With Real-Time Medical Assistance

 What Is SwasthGarbh App? Application For Pregnant Women With Real-Time Medical Assistance

Innovation is a must in technology and developers and engineers have been doing the same for a very long time, just to enhance users’ experience. As you all know that in today’s era where we all are bounded by so many problems, technology has made everything easy. There are so many big examples that have made human life easy in today’s age. Well, before talking about many examples, the big news that you will see on the internet today is, IIT Roorkee and AIIMS Delhi have made an app, especially for all pregnant women called ‘SwasthGarbh’.

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The app is specially designed for pregnant women to provide them with antenatal care and real-time medical support in one go. Now, you must think that on the internet there are a bunch of applications designed for the same purpose. But we would like to tell you that all of those apps are just to deliver only pregnancy-related information and lack the involvement of real-time professional clinicians. But with Swasth Garbh App a user gets complete information on steps that a lady should take care of in her pregnancy and that too with real-time access to a doctor when it is needed.

What Is Swasth Garbh App?

Well, SwasthGarbh is the first pregnancy app that provides users access to a doctor when it is required. According to the reports, the app is designed under the Prime Minister Swasth Bharat Mission (Healthy India Campaign). The amazing thing about this application is that this is completely free on the Google Play Store and it assists pregnant women with all hospital visits just by reminding them about their due dates of tests and also what test they now have to go through. The interesting thing about this app is, it supports a number of languages.

Vatsala Dadhwal, a professor at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at AIIMS New Delhi, in a statement, told about the app said, “SwasthGarbh Application permits two-way correspondence between the patients and specialists to further develop pregnancy results. Our pilot study showed that the Application was very much acknowledged by pregnant ladies as well as specialists. We would like that an ever-increasing number of patients and specialists utilize the Application so the nature of medical services given might be upgraded”.

No doubt that the app will help all the ladies during their pregnancy especially those women who do not have any connectivity to hospitals. Amazing thing is, women during the lockdowns ladies can use the app to watch videos to get aware of what they should do further and what precautions should they take. Pregnant women can also get in touch with a doctor in real-time for any medical assistance with the help of an app called SwasthGarbh.


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