Top Fashion Bloggers You Can Follow

 Top Fashion Bloggers You Can Follow

Fashion meant wearing only fancy clothes. And it was limited to models and celebrities only. But with the recent boom in the fashion industry, the definition of fashion has changed. And most of the credit goes to fashion bloggers. They have shifted their awareness of looking at fashion. 

The bloggers brought forward all the changes from normalizing wearing sneakers with ethnic clothes to men talking about skincare. They may update people about the latest trends, educate people about what is not working with fashion, and introduce new brands. And some of them are going out of their way to bring much-needed change to India. 

Here is a list of some Top fashion bloggers killing it with their wardrobe game. Do check them out and follow them for some inspiration. 

  • Komal Pandey

Komal Pandey - Fashion Blogger
Komal Pandey – Fashion Blogger

When discussing fashion bloggers, the first name that comes to people’s minds is Komal Pandey. From being a fashion stylist at POPxo to becoming a successful YouTuber, she has earned her way to her fame.

Komal Pandey has a massive following of 1.5M on Instagram. She creates content about everything from unconventional fashion to regular everyday clothing. Her transition reels make everyone go like, wow! 

She also won Cosmopolitan Best Fashion Influencer and Blogger award in 2020-21. 

Komal also has a YouTube channel with 989k subscribers, where she creates content around ethnic to western wear, makeup, skincare routines, haul videos, and breaks the myths around fashion. She also creates fashion content with fellow fashion bloggers Dolly Singh and Siddhart Batra. 


  • Masoom Minawala Mehta

Masoom Minawala Mehta - Fashion Blogger
Masoom Minawala Mehta – Fashion Blogger

Masoom Minawala Mehta is not just a fashion blogger but also an entrepreneur. She is the proud owner of Empower, an initiative to help women-led businesses. 

She started her blog ‘Miss Style Fiesta’ in 2010 and has a massive following of 1.1M on Instagram. She represents India on a global stage through her work. Masoom has started an initiative with #SupportIndianDesigners to help India designers get recognition on the global stage. 

Masoom has a YouTube channel with 52.1k subscribers. Her content revolves around women’s empowerment. With her initiative, she has helped many women throughout her journey. 


  • Aashna Shroff

Aashna Shroff- Fashion Blogger
Aashna Shroff- Fashion Blogger

She started her journey with her Facebook page named ‘The Snob Journal. She used to talk about the latest fashion. And then, she started a YouTube channel that now has 185k subscribers. Her YouTube content is mostly about fashion, travel stories, home décor, beauty routines and lifestyle. 

She gained tremendous popularity on Instagram. She has a follower base of 907k and collaborates with popular brands like Maybelline, Nykaa, L’oreal, and Myntra. She was also a TEDx speaker. 


  • Kritika Khurana

Kritika is the famous “The Boho Girl”. She has 1.1M Instagram followers and is a winner of the 2020 Cosmopolitan Lifestyle Influencer. She started as a fashion blogger with her blog “The Boho Girl” She creates content about everyday fashion, travel stories, and personal experiences. 

Kritika also has a YouTube channel with 575k subscribers, where she talks about lifestyle tips, makeup routines and styling tips. She also creates content with her family members. 


  • Riya Jain

Riya Jain is a TEDx speaker, social media influencer, and fashion blogger. She has a fashion blog named “caughtinacuff” and is very popular by that name. She started her blogging journey by posting OOTD- Outfit OF The Day on her channels. 

She has gained an immense following of 395k on Instagram. Riya’s content inspires women to be bold and confident. She also talks about makeup, haircare, and skincare. Riya experiments a lot with her hair. 

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