Sania Mirza reveals her feminist side- stop telling girls “no one will marry you if..”

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  1. Sania Mirza gave an interview on Thursday, October 3rd at the World Economic Forum.
  2. She spoke about how everyone would tell her at a young age that no one would marry her if she grew darker or played a sport.
  3. She spoke about how the culture of belittling girls has to change.
  4. Sania Mirza had taken a break after she gave birth a year back, with her husband, Shoaib Malik.
  5. She spoke about how proud she was that her career was responsible for helping many other girls take up sports

The Tennis player, Sania Mirza, recently gave an interview at the World Economic Forum on Thursday, 3rd October 2019. She had taken a year’s break to be a mother along with her husband Shoaib Malik, Pakistan Cricket player. She revealed her story on how she was asked by multiple relatives to stop playing or else she won’t get a guy to marry later on, as an eight year old.

She states that as an Eight year old, many people came and told her that “if she grew darker, she wouldn’t get a boy to marry”. She quoted,

“to start with, parents, neighbours, uncles, and the aunties stop telling you how dark you will become and no one will marry you if you play a sport. i was just eight and everybody thought nobody was going to marry me because i would get dark. i thought to myself, i am just a kid, i’ll be fine”

She also spoke about how it is so embedded in our Indian culture that the woman has to be pretty and fair. She spoke about the change that needs to come about in terms of gender equality and how women need to be encouraged to take up sports activities. She states her inspiration to be PT Usha, who was the only female role model to look up to at her age, for her career. She quoted,

“i feel proud that i had, may be, a little part to play in women taking up sports. the only sportswoman i could look upto was PT usha and she was a couple of generation before me. today we can name pv sindhu, saina nehwal, dipa karmakar, so many of them”

She also cites a recent interaction she had with a man who came and asked her for a picture at the airport. The man asked her where her son was after stating that “motherhood suits her”. When Mirza replied that he was back home, The man told her that she should be there. She further quotes on the topic,

“i told him where is your child? he said ‘at home’. i told him ‘well you should be with him too’. he didn’t think that there was anything insulting to ask me that”

The tennis star is one of the most well-known women tennis players and has broken many records in the past. She is trying to make her comeback after her year old hiatus after giving birth.

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