Is Your Smartphone, Laptop or Tablet Giving You Grief? Try These Tips To Feel Better!

 Is Your Smartphone, Laptop or Tablet Giving You Grief? Try These Tips To Feel Better!

In this age of constant digital connection and late-night scrolling, you may be no stranger to having neck pain. Beyond reducing your screen time, here is what to do if you want it to get better. Research shows that strengthening and toning problem areas may be the best way to keep your neck feeling loose and less sore.

Neck pain- Technically dubbed Trapezius Myalgia- is a common complaint of people who uses tablets, laptops, and smartphones. Office works are particularly prone. 

Danish researchers set out to find a good solution. They assigned 42 office workers with neck pain to one of three different treatments. After ten weeks, a strength-training approach won big time over cardio exercise or health and stress management counselling. 

The people in the strength training group did exercises targeting their shoulders and neck. These consisted of:- 

  • Arm Rows
  • Upright Rows
  • Shoulder abduction
  • Shoulder elevation
  • Reverse flys

Altogether, the moves zapped the workers’ neck pain by 50 per cent whopping. In 2009, the study results were published in the Journal of Applied Physiology. 

Is it time to hit the gym?

If your trapezius is troubling you, don’t trot off to the gym just yet. First, speak with your healthcare provider to make sure what you are experiencing is not something serious. Then, you can decide the best treatment for your case. 

Strength training may be the exact path if your pain is related to electronic use. The strengthening group in the Danish study did their neck and arm exercises several times each week. But you should talk with your health care provider about what activities might make sense for you and how often you should do them. 

Your healthcare provider will also likely want to discuss your posture. Because poor posture contributes significantly to neck and shoulder pain, the success of your strength training may depend on first correcting. 

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