Happy Karwa Chauth 2022 Wishes Images & Quotes! Karwa Chauth Moonrise Timings

 Happy Karwa Chauth 2022 Wishes Images & Quotes! Karwa Chauth Moonrise Timings

Happy Karwa Chauth 2022 Wishes Images & Quotes! Hey, folks especially ladies here is the day coming, that you wait the entire year for. Undoubtedly, this is one of the auspicious and sacred days in any women’s life, because according to Hindu mythology this day brings happiness into one’s married life and the day is celebrated for showing a wife’s love and affection toward her husband by being on fast for the whole day. A lady does not eat anything until she sees her husband’s face and after performing all the rituals the day gets completed when a couple shares some happy moments of their life. Well, if you are looking for Karwa Chauth’s images & quotes then be here till the end.

Happy Karwa Chauth 2022 Wishes HD images

Karwa Chauth Moonrise Timings

 Well, you all must be looking for the moonrise timings as well, so here you can check. Karwa Chauth falls on October 13 this year. Married women observe a nirjala fast (When a married woman only drinks water after seeing the moon along with her husband’s face) on this day for their husbands and end it after sighting the moon. Here are the city-wise timings for the moonrise across India. As per the calculation and Drik Panchang, the moon will rise at 08:09 pm on Karwa Chauth day. Additionally, the auspicious beginning for worship will start from 05:54 pm to 07:08 pm, and the fast (Vrat) time will last from 06:20 am to 08:09 pm. The Chaturthi tithi is from 01:59 am on October 13 till 03:08 am on October 14. Here are the city-wise timings for the moonrise.

Happy Karwa Chauth 2022 Wishes HD images

You can search for the images to share with your loved ones and also to put on your status and stories that you can google as well. All you have to do is Karwa Chauth Images & Quotes. Here are the top wishes you can share with on your social media. 

  • Karwa Chauth represents devotion and unconditional love. It showcases the love of a wife for her husband. So here’s wishing you and your spouse a long and healthy life. May your love for each other grow by leaps and bounds.
  • Karwa Chauth greetings to you and your spouse.
  • May you get all that you have dreamt of on the auspicious day of Karwa Chauth.
  • Celebrate the beautiful bond between a man and his wife by celebrating the joyous occasion of Karwa Chauth.

Now, on this special day, men do get happy thinking of their wives because just for them their wife does not eat anything the whole day, and pray for their long lives. However, every man gets happy thinking of the day. Especially, newly married couple who always wants to make their first Karwa Chauth unforgettable, thinks about what they can do better to celebrate the day with their wife and make it memorable. Well, in easy words here is the simple answer, your wife does not need anything expensive on this day, all she needs is your love and respect so on this day a man should reach home as soon as he can so that his wife will stay calm after all she is hungry since morning and your presence around her will give her strength, and yes if you can bring flowers, sweets, and gifts then it would be a cherry on the cake kind of deal.


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