Elon Musk Launches Own Perfume “Burnt Hair” Is It Worth Buying?

 Elon Musk Launches Own Perfume “Burnt Hair” Is It Worth Buying?

In today’s modern era everyone once try their fate in different businesses thinking of making a small fortune but few get the chance to make the investment turn into benefits, it is an open secret that Tesla owner Elon Musk is not leaving any business left to step in. The same thing happened recently when Elon Musk launched his own perfume brand named “Burnt Hair”. Elon even changed his Twitter bio to Perfume Salesman. He shared some images of the bottle saying “this is the finest fragrance on the planet”. Well, it is just a normal thing that people to promote their own products and he is doing the same. But the figure of sold bottles can blow your mind.

Elon Musk Perfume HD images Burnt Hair Pics

The world’s richest person Elon Musk recently came up in the headlines after the billionaire announced a new business venture in addition to his SpaceX and Tesla companies. Mr. Musk has launched his own perfume that he named “Burnt Hair”. Well, apart from all updates saying this won’t be bad that whenever Elon musk does something it automatically becomes the headline, and as he has a pleasing fan following globally so people always stay up for his new products. However, it is a different thing if they can afford it or not but they must check on the product once.

Burnt Hair Review & Price

Now, when “Burnt Hair ” is in the market so fond of fragrances are buying it. If we talk about the price so undoubtedly you must think why you should go for his brand when there are a number of best fragrances available in the market. Well, according to the sales reports it came to know that a total of 10,000 bottles of his perfume have been sold so far and people are giving quite good reviews and it has become a strong reason to go for it, about the pricing so the perfume is available and you can purchase it now as it is priced at $100. Talking about the bottle design so the shape is not too iconic or expensive but it looks as same as other brands’ perfumes Bottles look like.

There is no doubt that the product is a bit high because it should be low at least in the initial days of opening the brand but as it belongs to Elon Musk so you can take the idea that it must hit the audience for six. If you search about the price so you won’t find the exact way to buy it but only news about Elon Musk. So far it came to know that it is not available in every region but soon it will be available so that everyone can buy it. Another important thing is, if you have cryptocurrency then you can also buy Burnt Hair with your crypto. As it can be purchased through crypto therefore Elon Musk took his tweeter account where he wrote “And you can pay with Doge!”. So, if you are thinking to buy it and have the steps so do share it in the comment box below.


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