Can you be the Next Change-maker? Things you Need to Know

 Can you be the Next Change-maker? Things you Need to Know

“If everyone is a change-maker, there is no way a problem can outrun a solution,” said Bill Brayton. But who exactly is the change-maker? A change-maker is a person who always looks out to identify the opportunities that will eventually contribute to the larger good. That one person also inspires others to support them in their journey towards making change and sticking on until a positive difference is achieved. 

Change-making is in everyone’s DNA; it is just a matter of unlocking that quality. Social entrepreneurs are change-makers who aim to create widespread impact by focusing on system change. Every social entrepreneur fosters collaboration and focuses on equipping others to collaborate in solving social problems. 

An impact cannot be made alone. It will always take your inspiration to motivate others and make an impact. For those who see the need to create a better world, here are these simple ways by which you can be the change maker. 


  • Emerge yourself as a Solution Bringer

You can always find creative solutions to problems, but sometimes there may be some situations when you cannot solve all the problems. But you need to be the person people can look up for solutions. If you can help, that is great, but if you cannot, at least you know that the person looks up to you for the solution, and maybe later or sooner, you will come up with a solution. You must always appear as a solution leader to become a change-maker.

  • Always bring a road map.

Change has never been easy. It always requires a lot of effort to drive these changes. If you cannot explain to anyone where it will lead them, you will never be able to influence change and guide them in a new and the right direction. Before setting out on a change-making effort, you should be equipped with the path. You should be able to provide the road map and the support of where you are headed. 

  • You need to Follow the Principle of Under Promise and Over Deliver.

As a change maker, whatever you always say matters. Never go beyond words that you cannot surpass through actions. It would be highly unjustified to under-deliver and over-promise. Moreover, always aim to deliver on your word. You can inspire people through this. 

  • You should always expect setbacks.

Firstly, this can be the biggest reality check for you! Nothing happens overnight; each and everything takes its own time. That is why you should be ready to face setbacks. Never leave hope. Just keep moving forward. No innovators, creative thinkers, or activists got everything on their first attempt. Every time they failed, they hit a barrier, learned a lesson, and moved in until they got success. The more you know how to overcome challenges, the more you will learn about the goals. 

  • Focus on a bigger picture

You can get easily lost in thinking about every small detail when you work on a project you are genuinely passionate about. You become so focused on those details that you start losing the focus on a better picture. But that should never happen. 

When you get off track, the project starts falling apart and losing the actual intention behind the project. Hence, as a change maker, you always have a think big, aim for big, and are sure that the work aligns with your original objectives.

  • Join hands with other activists

It is not always important to idealize big change-makers like Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs. Do we need to idealize someone? We don’t think!

Many intelligent and capable people are doing great work and facilitating change. You can join hands with them to be a change-maker. Find people who help you be the best versions of yourself, influence, inspire, make you learn new and different things, and call you out when you lose drive. 



As acknowledged before, everyone can be a change-maker. But a core set of characteristics that make a successful change-makers are: 

  • Open-mindedness

Change-makers are always optimistic about their results and are open to various perspectives. This mindset to absorb various diverse perspectives helps them to look out for solutions. 

  • Creative problem solvers

They ask as many questions as they can without any hesitation as they are extremely passionate about solving a problem. They always look to find the most creative solutions. 

  • Risk takers

The future belongs to those who take the risk, not those who seek comfort. Change-makers are risk-takers and believe in their intuitions. They trust in themselves and take every step with confidence. 

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