Rahul Gandhi addresses the Maharashtra drama as “Murder of Democracy” in Parliament.

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  • Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi staged protests in Parliament over coup in Maharashtra
  • The alliance formed by Shiv Sena-Congress-NCP lodge case against BJP’s move in Maharashtra.

Congress’ former leader Rahul Gandhi said today it doesn’t make any sense to question the centre over political situation in Maharashtra.

Alleging a “murder of democracy” in the state, Rahul Gandhi said that though he wanted to question the government regarding the political situation in Maharashtra but he refrained from doing so.

The alliance formed by Shiv Sena, Congress and NCP have filed a case against BJP for creating a coup in which Devendra Fadnavis was sworn-in as Chief Minister and Ajit Pawar as his deputy.

Ajit Pawar had decided to spilt from his party to lend support to BJP to form the government in Maharashtra.

Rahul Gandhi addressed the situation of Maharashtra in Parliament by saying,”There is no point in my asking question as democracy has been murdered in Maharashtra.”

In the midst of Supreme Court decision on Fadnavis’ government , interim President Sonia Gandhi started protests in Parliament. A large group of congress leaders and party workers started chanting slogans stating,” BJP stop murder of democracy.”

Inside the Parliament the LokSabha was adjourned due to ongoing protests in the House. Speaker of the house Om Birla ordered removal of two party members- TN Prathapan and Hibi Eden.

The Rajya Sabha was also adjourned till 2pm due to similar protest by Congress and other parties like DMK and the Left, began shouting anti-BJP slogans.

The political drama in Maharashtra unfolded when Ajit Pawar, nephew of NCP leader Sharad Pawar broke political ties with him and joined BJP to form government in Maharashtra.

The move, coming hours after a tripartite meeting among Shiv Sena, Congress, and NCP, which was attended by Ajit Pawar who was inches away from forming the new government, shocked the three parties with his move. After this, alliance formed by the parties moved to Supreme Court.

In today’s hearing in the court BJP-led government in Maharashtra said that all 54 NCP MLAs were in support go their party, while NCP claimed that 51 out of 54 MLAs would back the coalition formed by Shiv Sena-NCP and Congress.

BJP won 105 seats in and needed atlas 40 seats to prove majority in Assembly and form government. The party got support from some independent parties and couple of MLAs from Sharad Pawar’s party NCP.

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