In INX media case, 71 ex-bureaucrats write to PM on the prosecution of 4 former officials

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On Friday, 71 ex-bureaucrats wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressing their concerns over the prosecution of 4 former officials. They said that these type of harsh actions will demotivate earnest and conscientious officials from taking important decisions.

They said that after a certain period of time the files shouldn’t be reopened. The letter has been signed by civil servants like former cabinet secretary K M Chandrasekhar, former foreign secretary and national security advisor Shivshankar Menon, former foreign secretary Sujatha Singh and former DGP of Punjab Julio Riberio.

The ex-bureaucrats also expressed concerns over selective targeting the retired and serving officers to gain political advances.

Last month, the government issued a sanction to CBI to prosecute former CEO of NITI Aayog Sindhushree Kullar and other people involved in FIPB clearance granted to INX Media.

Other officers that have been sanctioned by the government are former secretary of Ministry of Micro, Small and medium enterprises, Anup K Pujari, the director in the Finance ministry during the scam-Prabodh Saxena, and the former secretary in the Department of Economic Affairs, Rabindra Prasad.

The government has already sanctioned the prosecution of former finance minister P.Chidambaram in February leading to their arrest. The former officials said that it will only seem to confirm the worst apprehensions of the government officials that they will not be protected for bonafide acts in the performance in official duties.

The officials will be demotivated if the earnest and conscientious officers are targeted for retribution in spite of not being at fault.

‘It will not be shocking if these civil servants delay before processing and examining every proposal of importance, as there is no guarantee of them not being accused of criminal proceedings a couple of years later,” the letter said.

“If files are “disinhumed and dichotomized that too when the time has elapsed, no decisions will be made at all in the government, they added.

“It is indeed perversion when the government leaves no stone unturned in ensuring that political elements charged with or prosecuted for very serious offence are granted bail while the officers who have worked earnestly and diligently in the service of the nation for decades are indicted on the flimsiest of technical grounds.


It is an ongoing high profile money laundering case that has been under investigation in the country. It includes an allegation of irregularities in foreign exchange clearances given to INX media group for receiving overseas investment in 2007. The finance minister during the scam was P.Chidambaram.

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