Geyser short circuit led to a 15 year old’s death in an OYO room

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  • Priyanshu Kumar, a 15 year old, was killed by a short circuit in a geyser, along with the lack of water availability
  • He was staying at an OYO hotel in South Delhi on Sunday, 13th October 2019
  • According to his room mate, they first shifted from one room to another, and they had to complain about the water supply in the room in which Priyanshu was killed
  • They were told the issue was resolved, but when Kumar went to take a bath, he was killed
  • The hotel has been shut down, and further inquiry has been set

Priyanshu Kumar, a 15 year old National Level shooter, had come to Delhi for a shooting competition, and was staying in an OYO hotel in Southeast Delhi, Pulprahladpur. He was killed by a combination of lack of water availability and short circuit in the geyser, on Sunday afternoon, 13th October 2019.

An inquiry was set up and the hotel has been shut down until further notice. An electrician was called upon to investigate the cause of death. The boy’s roommate, Yash Gupta has told the police that they had to shift from one room to another, and when they arrived in the present room, they had to place a complaint about the non- availability of water. After they were informed, by the hotel staff, that the issue has been resolved, Kumar went to have a bath. He was unfortunately electrocuted, and fell to his death.

How did the boy get electrocuted?

It appears that there was no water supply at the hotel. To top it off, there was a short circuit in the geyser, because it remained switched on despite lack of water. One water supply was resumed, and Kumar went to take a bath, the water and electricity caused the electrocution.

Other than the fitting in this room, there were multiple other fittings in other rooms, which were defective. The FIR has been filed under the death due to negligence IPC. Other than the shooters, 9 other people were staying at the same hotel. No arrests have been made as of yet.

What did OYO have to say about the matter?

An OYO spokesperson has asked to conduct a thorough and unbiased investigation on the matter, and the persons associated. For the time being, all the hotel staff has been placed under suspension until further notice. He also claims that the company is going to initiate electrical audits. They have promised to take all possible steps to ensure complete safety of their patrons.

He also says,

“safety is our top priority. the property is closed and sealed until further notice. we are committing to install sos safety switch buttons in all rooms to be able to provide immediate 24×7 support and emergency assistance. we are also immediately instituting a risk reduction programme led by our chief of safety and our emergency response director. we are also instituting a new position of regional safety and security directors in each of our regions of India.”

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