Strange Inter-Gender Hand transplant Case- 21 year old student from Pune has curious case of her changing color of hands

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Strange Inter-Gender Hand transplant Case in Pune: Read all details here!

Throughout the world, less than 200 hand transplants have been conducted. However, no scientific evidence exists to record changes in skin tone or shape of the hand. Doctors say this is supposedly the first case.

Shreya Siddanagowder wrote in her notebook,” Sometimes good things fall apart so that better things can fall together”.

This is what she wrote in her notebook a year after her hand transplant.

Strange Inter-Gender Hand transplant Case, Pune

Today, her handwriting almost resembles her original. But doctors are surprised because the colour of Shreya’s hands, which once belonged to a 20-year-old man in Kerala until his death in August 2017, has changed to match Shreya’s skin tone.

The 21-year-old Shreya is the first in Asia to undergo inter-gender hand transplant. She says,” I don’t know how the transformation occurred. But it feels like my own hands now. The skin colour was very dark after the transplant, not that it was ever my concern, but now it matches my tone.”

She underwent a double hand transplant in Kochi. Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS) where she underwent the surgery are researching whether the female hormones are responsible for such changes.

Dr Subramaniya Iyer, the head of plastic and reconstructive surgery at AIMS said that they are hoping to publish two cases of hand transplant in a scientific journal. The colour change of Shreya’s hand is being recorded. Doctors said that they need more evidence to understand the change in the shape of fingers and hands.

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An Afghan soldier had received a double hand transplant from a male donor here. He too had noticed a slight change in skin tone but died in Afghanistan last week. So they could not document much.

Plastic surgeon Dr Mohit Sharma was a part of the team and said that there is limited research in inter-gender hand transplant.

He also said that there was only one inter-gender transplant in the West. There has been no scientific research into what happens after that. Within a year or say, the lymphatic channel between the donor’s hand and the host’s body opens up completely to allow the flow of fluids.

Hand donations are rare as families fear the disfiguring of the body even though a prosthetic limb is attached.

Shreya’s mother says that in the last 3 to 4 months she noticed changes. She saw the wrist getting smaller and the fingers become like a woman’s. These are remarkable changes. The reason can only be guessed now.

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