Corona symptoms: A day-by-day track of how they look like

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People are searching for corona symptoms as the novel Coronavirus has taken a toll on the world and panicking everyone.  Chinese health officials have said that the majority of the new cases are mild. However, around 20% of the patients have either severe cases of disease or have become critically ill.


Fever is the most common symptom. The symptoms progress in this way day-by-day:

The start is by fever. Health officials all around have observed that fever is the most common system.

Around 99% of the people had developed a high temperature. More than half of experienced fatigue and dry cough. 20% of the positive patients in South Korea had lost a sense of smell or taste.

We will look at the symptoms that typical patients have shown.


Day 1: Patients have a fever. Fatigue, muscle pain and a dry cough can also be observed. A small majority have had diarrhea or nausea one or two days ago.

Day 5: Patients have breathing problems. This happens especially if the patient is older or has a preexisting health condition.

Day 7: On average, this is how much time it takes before a patient is admitted to the hospital.

Day 8: Patients with severe cases, at this point in time, develop ARDS. ARDS is Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome. This is an illness that occurs when fluid builds up in the lungs. It has been proven that ARDS is often fatal.

Day 10: If the patient shows worsening symptoms, this is when he is likely to be admitted to the ICU. Probably, these patients have more abdominal pain and appetite loss than patients with milder cases. A small fraction only however dies.

Day 17: People who recover from the virus, on average, are discharged from the hospital after two and a half weeks.

This said the first symptoms might not come right after a person has been infected. A typical patient may be infected without showing symptoms for five or more days.

Symptoms can be similar to that of pneumonia. The only way COVID-19 is distinguished from pneumonia is that it worsens over time.

However, pneumonia doesn’t usually progress. On treatment with antibiotics, patients with pneumonia stabilize and get better.

However, in this case, patients can get worse even after receiving fluids or steroids. 

According to current figures, there are a total of 382570 cases and 16578 deaths worldwide.

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