The rape case in Hyderabad leads to massive outrage in both the houses of the parliament

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  • The Hyderabad case has rocked both the Houses of Parliament in session.
  • The lawmakers have put forth the demand for amendment of stricter laws against crimes against women.
  • The members have also questioned the government on what they are doing to tackle the rise in crimes against women.

The rape case in Hyderabad has led to a massive uproar in both the Houses of Parliament. The lawmakers have demanded to formulate stricter laws against crimes against women.

Addressing the Rajya Sabha, the leader of Samajwadi Party, Jaya Bachchan said on Monday that the people who have been accused of rape should be lynched.

The members of the upper house had raised the issue of rape and murder of veterinarians in Hyderabad.

The 26-year old Hyderabad vet was raped and murdered by four men and the charred body was found on Thursday under a culvert near NH-44 in Chatanpally bridge near Shadnagar town in Ranga Reddy District.

The men approached her near the Shamshabad toll plaza on Wednesday evening, where she had parked her scooter. Police said the men had offered her to help her fix the punctured tires of the scooter.

Veteran actor and leader of Samajwadi Party while addressing the situation in Rajya Sabha said,” I think people now want the government to give a proper answer and a very definite answer. What has happened? How are they going to tackle it?”

She added,” A similar incident happened in the city before the vet was raped. Do you think the security charge should be questioned and they should be asked to give an answer to why they were not able to protect the area?”

“I think these people need to be shamed in front of the entire nation. People who have not done their jobs properly should be lynched,”she said.

Congress’ politician Amee Yajnik requested the judiciary, legislative and executive and other systems to come together to ensure social reformation in the country.

AIADMK MP Vijila Sathyanatham said that the accused must be hanged to death before December 31.

“The country is not safe for children and women. A fast track court should be made. Justice delayed is justice denied’, she said.

The issue was also raised in Lok Sabha. Addressing the situation, Speaker Om Birla said,” Parliament is worried about the incidents happening across the country. I have granted permission for discussion on this after Question Hour.”

Defense Rajnath Singh said that rape and murder of doctor has brought shame to the entire country.

The four accused had pour liquor in the girl’s mouth while molesting her. They then took her to the truck cabin and raped her again before heading towards Shadnagar town.

The four men are under arrest and the policemen have been suspended for “dereliction of duty”.

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