Narendra Modi Delhi Election Rally: Latest updates and Tweets

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Narendra Modi Delhi Election Rally: Latest updates, photos and Tweets 

Narendra Modi addressed in Delhi Election Rally at Dwarka. Today, on 4th Feb he shared his important opinions on twitters. Here are the points of his speech and all tweets of PM Modi.

Ayushman Bharat

He posted,”The Delhi Government is denying people the benefits of Ayushman Bharat. I fail to understand how they can be so driven by politics that public welfare takes a backseat.” The tweet is followed by a video.

The video posted shows him delivering a speech. He says that” in the case of reducing the cost of medicines, knee replacement equipment being made cheap or free dialysis in Zila hospitals every year, the money is proving a load to the middle class and poor. But, unfortunately, a matter as serious as health care has also been subject to politics in Delhi. In Delhi, the Ayushman Bharat Yojana has not been put into action. In the central hospitals of Delhi, the poor can get treatment of up to Rs 5 lakhs done for free, but not in the hospitals of the State Government. What is the politics that has made it a bigger issue than health?

What did he say?

In Delhi, Ayushman Bharat, Priyam Awas Yojana has not been started. There is politics regarding the new metro lines. This is not the Delhi that the Delhites wanted. Yesterday, I was listening to Bihar’s CM Nitish Kumar. He was saying that the buses coming from Patna have not been given permission to come to Delhi. For the people of Bihar, Purvanchal, what is this prejudice that is responsible for such decisions being taken? These are the people who say that taking an Rs. 500 tickets from Purvanchal, people from Bihar come and get lakhs of medical treatment done. This is their thought process regarding the people of Bihar and Purvanchal.

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I remember, in 2012, when Bihar was celebrating its century, Gujarat also celebrated it with a lot of pomp and show. The people of Bihar and Purvanchal have been an integral part of the making and development of India. Delhi, as well as every corner of the country, will be seeing the people of Bihar being the best, but even they are facing such hatred.”

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Why No Lokpal in Delhi?

The tweet says,” They came to change the face of politics but they have been unmasked! No Lokpal in Delhi. No desire to bring welfare schemes of the Centre for Delhi. Question our armed forces and police. Practice vote-bank politics.”

The tweet is followed by a video. It shows him saying,” Some people came to change politics, but their masks have been taken down. Their true colours and motive have been exposed. When a surgical strike took place, it was this Delhi that put our army soldiers on trial. They were doubting whether our soldiers had killed terrorists in their homes, or not. They were doubting and insulting our army.

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Is this Delhi, the type that Delhites wanted? There was a time in Delhi when terrorist attacks happened almost everyday and innocent people were killed in bomb blasts. Because of each army personnel and the attentiveness of Delhites, these attacks have stopped. When the culprits of these incidents were killed by the Delhi police in Batla House, it was called a fake encounter. These are those people who demanded an investigation on these police officers. These are those people that save the people that want India split into parts. Can the people of Delhi forget these? What was the reason for this? Vote bank politics. Appeasement politics. Can these people provide a safe environment for the people of Delhi? Never.”

Jamia and CAA protest

The tweet says,” Some people have made parts of Delhi laboratories for their political experiments. People are facing inconvenience due to these experiments but INC and AAP do not care. For them, it is long live vote bank politics and instability.”

The following video, shows Modi saying,” Salempur, Jamia or Shaheen Bagh, since the past few days Citizenship Amendment Bill has been a topic for demonstration. Is this demonstration only help? Not at all. This is not helping. This is using people. The reason behind this is such a design of politics that is designed to break the peace in the state. This would have been only a protest against the law, but AAP and Congress are playing the game of politics. Keeping the Constitution and Tricolour as a shield, people are spreading fake news.


Our Constitution is the basis of our Indian Law and Order. It is according to the Constitution that courts function. People are provided with justice. Time to time, in different cases, our Supreme Court has always said that protesting should not harm the common man. The property of the country should not be destroyed. During protests, the violence shown has always offended the High Courts and Supreme Court. But these people do not care about the law. They do not follow the Court’s order and talk of the Constitution. That same Constitution that created the Courts, and they are not ready to follow the orders of the Court. Now, this is creating a lot of problems.

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The people of Delhi are seeing as well as understanding this. But they are silent. And these vote-bank politics have also angered the people. This mindset needs to stop here. If people that create conspiracy are let to win, it will be some other street that stopped. We can not leave Delhi at this crossroads. This can only be done by the people of Delhi. Each vote keeps the strength to do this.”

Narendra Modi Delhi Election Rally: Latest updates, photos and Tweets 

Recently he tweeted, “Immense enthusiasm at the rally in Dwarka. People from all sections of society came to bless us”.

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