Mohan Bhagwat’s Speech on Dussehra.

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The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh(RSS) sarsangchalak’s speech on the occasion of Dussehra is considered significant as his address is seen as a political roadmap for the cadres of Sangh, including those who are involved in Bhartiya Janta Party across India.

However, his speech was from elaborating on any vision, one that could lead the nation towards progress. In the entire speech, he was just praising Narendra Modi’s government in areas where it has underperformed.

He himself has said a couple of times that sang doesn’t associate itself with BJP openly. He also said that Sangh will support any party that conforms to their ideals and the sangha does not have any connection with BJP.

Bhagwat’s previous Dussehra speeches

In his speech in 2016, he congratulated the government for its successful surgical strikes along LOC. He also spoke about multiple administrative issues it should pursue.

Among them were the rehabilitation of displaced Kashmiri Pandits, and persecuted Hindu minorities from Mirpur, Muzaffarabad, Gilgit and Baltistan in PoK.

The government is campaigning for a Citizenship Bill which will allow refugees of all regions except Muslims to live in India. At the same time, they have rejected the Subramaniam committee’s NEP and introduced K.Kasturirangan’s draft to be implemented.

In 2017, Bhagwat had laid emphasis on the need for “strong and determined” stand in response to any hostile move by Pakistan and China along the border. He said that Rohingya Muslims being a threat to security and therefore any decision on granting them shelter should be taken with utmost care.

He said that he was against the government’s decision to demonetize higher denomination currency and implementation of GST. Both of these decisions taken by the government were against the Parivar’s core constituency of small and medium businesses. He had hit out at the NITI Aayog for adhering to old economic principles.

In 2018, RSS chief said that the government is only focusing on tackling external threats and is neglecting external threats. By discussing how governments in India need to be people-centric, he said,” The Union and state governments and police and paramilitary forces are successfully undertaking operations in this regard.

Over the past five years, the sarsanghchalak has sent reminders to the government to fulfill its key promises, some of which have been long-standing demands of the Sangh-abrogating article 370, construction of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya to name a few.

Current speech

In contrast, RSS chief’s address to the cadres of Nagpur on Wednesday strayed between appreciating for scrapping Article 370. A couple of topics raised by the chief were nationalism, Hindutva, threats imposed by the neighboring countries-Pakistan and China. This time he didn’t have any complaints against the government.

A large part of his speech at the event focussed on the economy. “The country is growing. But the world economy follows a circle and at a time has to overcome obstacles that result in hindrance to the nation and it is termed as a slowdown. He further stated that an economist once had told him that it is known as recession only when growth below zero is reported.

Comments on lynching

After this, he said that lynching is a western concept. He blamed the phenomenon as a negative campaign by people whose motives were to defame the nation, neglecting the cases of Dalits and Muslims being killed in daylight by Hindutva supporters.

“He said that some of the incidents have been made up while some have been reported in a distorted manner. However, these incidents have disturbed the harmony of the nation and crossed the limits of law and order,” he said.

In the end, he drew up a long list of the Modi government’s successes, including the scrapping of article 370. This time he didn’t have anything to say against the government. This time he simply reiterated what Prime Minister and Home Minister, have repeated in their speeches.

It is believed that Sarsanghchalak is being reduced to a cog in the wheel of Modi and Shah’s scheme of things.

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