Modi gets back at Pakistan, supports the Trump constituency, and more moments at “Howdy Modi” event

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  1. The “howdy Modi” event was held on the 22nd of September at Houston, Texas, to welcome the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi
  2. The President of the United States flew in from Washington to attend the event
  3. Modi landed in Houston on the 22nd of September in the morning and was greeted by many well-known people
  4. He gave a speech in the evening as a highlight of the event. He reassured the United States citizens of the happenings in Kashmir and mainly spoke in reference to the latest removal of Article 370

When and where was the event held?

“Howdy Modi” was held at Houston, Texas, USA on the 22nd September 2019. It was held at the NRG Football stadium. It was the largest gathering ever held for a foreign political leader, second to the arrival of the Pope.

Why was the event held?

The Howdy Modi event was held to welcome the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi. Narendra Modi made a visit in order to reassure the Indian Americans and the political leaders of USA that the scrapping of Article 370 was in fact good. Ever since the Prime minister came into power, he has been improving international relationships and striking a deal with them.

Various events that took place

To start off the event, many groups came up on stage and displayed a dance performance honoring different regions of India. A welcome speech was given by the senators. Subsequently, Modi gave a speech addressing the crowd. References were made to Indian leaders like Mahatma Gandhi.

The speech

Modi mainly spoke about Article 370 and why it was beneficial.

The Prime Minister greeted the President as they walked together on stage, using high words of praise. He stated that he was well known even before he went on to win the presidential elections. He praised Trump’s accomplishment and expressed his glee in being present on the stage.

He highlighted the good deeds that Trump did for His country and was quoted as saying,

“abki baar trump sarkar”

He went on to talk about the friendship between the two countries and the advent of a new bond. He went on to express his love and commitment to India by saying,

“This programme name is howdy modi, modi alone is nothing. i am a simple man who works on order of 130 crore people. when you ask me howdy modi, i say everything is fine in india”

He made use of several languages in his speech. He talks about the power of women and first-time voters, which helped him get votes during the Lok Sabha elections. The BJP leader spoke about never-ending ambitions and Indian development. He spoke about advances in technology in the country by mentioning Digital India.

He then came to the topic of Article 370, which officially recognizes Kashmir as a Union Territory. He states that Article hindered development in those areas and has been used by “Separatists and terrorists”.

The PM took a silent dig at Pakistan, comparing the 9/11 attacks on the twin towers with the 26/11 bombings at Mumbai, finding similarities in the conspirators (the country they come from)

He also mentioned the economic status of India briefly highlighting that the ease of living is the most important goal. He ended the speech by inviting Trump to visit his home and meet his family members.

This event was the first time that the two leaders were on the same stage. This was Modi’s and Trump’s third meeting this month.

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