Jaishankar on the Indo-Pak Issue- “We don’t need mediation”

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  1. The external affairs minister, S Jaishankar, Just arrived in India on Sunday 29th September 2019, after attending the UN general assembly
  2. He refused to allow any third party to interfere in the matter between India and Pakistan and believes that we have handled it for many years, and can continue to do so.
  3. The minister spoke further about the Article 370 scrapping, stating it to come up quite often in his meetings.
  4. He talks about the misalignment that Jammu and Kashmir had with India as a country, and the questions asked by many

The external Affairs Minister, S Jaishankar, had visited the UNGA along with the PM, Narendra Modi. He came back on Sunday, 29th September 2019, and addressed a crowd about any third party interference in reference to the Jammu and Kashmir matter. He said that India has been clear for over 40 years on their stance, and they do not need any third-party interference from anywhere. The minister believes that India and Pakistan should solve the issue bilaterally.

He made these remarks in reference to rumours about mediation from the US president, Donald Trump after he met with PM Narendra Modi. Jaishanker said that he was very clear about the issue and he has the power to make the call. He states that as far as he is concerned, there will be no mediation. The minister quoted,

“i’m clearing in my mind as far as i’m concerned. that’s what it’s about. my point is very simple. whose issue? mine. Who has to take the call? me. if it is my issue and i have to make the call, i will decide whether i want somebody’s mediation or not. you can offer anything you like, but if i decide it is not relevant to me then it does not happen.”

Jaishankar on being dead set about any mediation from another international source

The Minister, also states that the issue about Kashmir comes up in about half his meetings and half his meeting it just doesn’t. He states that most of the questions were focused on the relations between the two countries, and how they are going to change.

On the topic of the scrapping of article 370, He says,

when you explain to them that article 370 was temporary, when you tell them it was a part of the constitution of india in which delegates from jammu and kashmir also took part, when you tell them there was a provision within the article for the modification which took place, and you explain to them that today major source of concern was the fact that j&k was not aligned with the rest of india on a whole set of issues and so therefore, how do you really run a country where one large state is misaligned with the rest of the country.”

He states that this was a long standing issue, and that has been thoroughly avoided in the past. He believes that most every leader in the world understood the decision.

The meeting is Trump and Modi was born out of the scrapping of Section 370 which evoked a negative reaction from Pakistan.

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