Finally justice is delivered- All About the Nirbhaya Rape Case

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Yes, after long wait finally justice is delivered to Nirbhaya, here is all details about the Nirbhaya Rape Case. 

The heart wrenching incident happened on December 16, 2012. This is when a Paramedical student was gang-raped and assaulted by six men in a private bus. She was thrown out of the moving bus with her male friend.

Finally justice is delivered- All About the Nirbhaya Rape Case

The Chronology of Events:

1.Dec 16, 2012

The paramedical student was brutally assaulted and gang-raped by six men. They threw her out of the moving bus along with her male friend. And the victim is admitted to the Safdarjung Hospital.

2.Dec 29 –

The victim succumbs to her injuries. Police adds murder charge in FIR.

3.Jan 2, 2013 –

The then Chief Justice of India Altamas Kabir inaugurates Fast Track Court (FTC) for speedy trial in sexual offence cases.

4.Aug 31 –

The JJB convicts a minor for gang-rape and murder. They award the minor with three-year term at probation home.

5.Sep 10 –

The Delhi Court convicts Mukesh, Vinay, Pawan, Akshay of 13 offences. However, the offences include gang-rape, unnatural offence and murder of the girl and attempt to murder of her male friend.

6.Sep 13 –

The Court awards the death penalty to all four convicts.

7.Mar 13 –

The High Court (HC) upholds death penalty to all four convicts.

8.Mar 15 –

The Supreme Court stays the execution of 2 convicts, Mukesh and Pawan, after they file their appeals. Later, it stays the execution of all the other convicts.

9.Feb 3, 2017 –

The Supreme Court says that it would hear the appeals of all the convicts.

10.May 5 –

The Supreme Court upholds the death penalty of all the four convicts. Says it is the ‘rarest of rare’ and the offence created ‘tsunami of shock’.

11.Nov 8 – Mukesh, one of the four death row convicts, moves the Supreme Court seeking to review the verdict upholding the capital punishment that was awarded to him.

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12.Dec 15 – The convicts Vinay Sharma and Pawan Kumar Guptaalso move the SC for the review of their verdict.

13.Jul 9 – SC dismisses review pleas of the three convicts.

14.Feb, 2019 – The victim’s parents move the Delhi Court for issuance of the death warrants of the four convicts.

15.Dec 10, 2019 – Akshay moves plea in SC seeking review of plea awarded to him.

16.Dec 18 – The SC dismisses the review plea.

The Delhi Court directs Tihar’s authorities to issue notice to convicts to avail their remaining legal remedies.

17.Dec 19 – The Delhi High Court dismisses the plea of Pawan Kumar Gupta claiming that he was a juvenile at the time of the offence.

18.Jan 6, 2020 – Delhi Court dismisses complaint filed by Pawan’s father seeking FIR against the sole witness for allegedly deposing falsely.

19.Jan 7 – Delhi Court issues death warrants against four fugitives for the hanging on January 22 at 7 A.M in Tihar Jail.

20.Jan 14 – The SC rejects curative petition of Vinay and Mukesh.

Mukesh files mercy plea before President.

Jan 17 – President Ram Nath Kovind rejects the mercy plea of Mukesh.

Tihar jail authorities seek a fresh date of hanging. The trial court fixes Feb 1, 6 AM for execution.

Jan 25 – Mukesh moves SC against the rejection of his mercy plea.

Jan 29 – Akshay approaches SC with his curative petition.

SC rejects Mukesh’s plea challenging the rejection of his plea.

Jan 30 – SC dismisses the curative plea of Akshay.

Jan 31 – SC dismisses the plea of Pawan seeking the review of its order rejecting his juvenility claim.

The Delhi court again postpones execution of the black warrants till further order.

Feb 5 – The HC dismisses the Centre’s plea against trial court order; says all 4 convicts have to be hanged together. It directs convicts to pursue all legal remedies within a week, failing which the authorities are ordered to take action in accordance with law.

Feb 6 – The Tihar authorities move court for fresh death warrants. Also, the trial court seeks the response of the convicts.

Feb 7 – The Delhi Court dismisses Tihar’s plea for fresh date for the execution of convicts.

Feb 11 – Vinay moves to the SC for the rejection of his mercy plea.

Feb 13 – Pawan refuses the lawyer from DLSA as legal aid, jail authorities inform trial court. The SC appoints senior advocate Anjana Prakash as amicus to represent Pawan. Vinay claims mental illness in SC, Centre says he has sound mind.

Feb 14 – SC dismisses Vinay’s plea challenging rejection of mercy petition.

Feb 17 – Mukesh refuses to be represented by the advocate Vrinda Grover. The Delhi court issues fresh death warrants for March 3.

Feb 28 – Pawan files the curative plea in SC.

Mar 2 – SC dismisses Pawan’s curative petition. Pawan files the mercy plea.

The Delhi court defers hanging of 4 death row convicts till further order.

Mar 4 –  The Delhi govt moves the court seeking fresh date for execution of convicts.

Mar 5 – The Delhi court fixes March 20 as the hanging date for the execution of convicts.

Mar 6 – Mukesh moves to the SC seeking restoration for his legal remedies.

Mar 11 –  Pawan moves the court for FIR against cops for alleged prison assault.

Mar 12 – Pawan’s father moves the HC against rejection of complaint for FIR against the sole witness.

Mar 13 – Vinay moves the HC claiming procedural lapse in the mercy plea rejection.

Mar 16 – The SC rejects Mukesh’s plea seeking restoration of his legal remedies. 3 death row convicts move ICJ seeking stay on the execution.

Mar 17 – Mukesh moves the court seeking quashing of the death penalty on the claim of not being in Delhi at the time of crime, plea dismissed.

Mar 18 – Mukesh moves the HC against trial court’s Mar 17 order and the plea dismissed.
Pawan, Vinay and Akshay seek stay on the death penalty. The Delhi court issues notice to Tihar, Police.

Mar 19 – SC rejects the curative petition of Pawan. Mukesh moves the SC claiming that he was not in Delhi on Dec 16, 2012, plea dismissed. The Delhi court dismisses the plea of Pawan, Vinay and Akshay seeking the stay of execution. The SC dismisses Akshay’s plea in challenging the rejection of second mercy petition.

Yesterday, justice is delivered to Nirbhaya rape case victim, her mother fought with all efforts.

Mar 20 – The Delhi HC dismisses the plea of three convicts seeking stay on execution, convicts move SC. In a pre-dawn hearing, the SC brings down curtain on the case by rejecting plea of Pawan Gupta against rejection of the second mercy plea.

All four convicts were hanged in Tihar jail at 5.30 am.

Though, it’s very late but finally justice is delivered to the victim of Nirbhaya Rape Case

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