BJP will be facing stiff challenges in the upcoming year

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  • As the year is going to come to end, the analysts have predicted that 2020 will be a tough year for Bharatiya Janta Party.
  • BJP has already lost five states to Congress and is in alliance with one.
  • After the landslide victory in 2019 Lok Sabha Elections, the party witnessed a downhill in state elections.

The analysts have predicted that the upcoming year will be full of obstructions for the BJP. These assumptions are being made based on the events that took place in 2019 both electorally and organizationally. For a party who had witnessed landslide victory in General Elections, was thought of having an uphill for the remaining months. But unfortunately, went on losing the elections in Maharashtra and Jharkhand and ended up in making an alliance in Haryana.

A slew of riots and protests against CAA has spoiled the image of the party. The party lost its fifth Assembly-poll in Jharkhand. This loss has drawn a line of demarcation between the popularity of PM Narendra Modi at the national level and the inability of its State counterparts to win Assembly polls. The fact that state elections are fought on local issues, and that at least in Maharashtra, the pre-poll alliance of the party -Shiv Sena withdrew after the result of the elections, converted the BJP into a minority.

Bihar Elections 

The party is allied with JD(U) headed by Nitish Kumar. The BJP will only be able to fight the upcoming elections if it manages to negotiate with JD(U) supremo Nitish Kumar. The party may have to yield more at least remain diplomatic while sharing seats with its ally in Bihar. The Deputy President of JD(U) has already given a signal that the negotiation will be difficult this time. They have demanded 130 seats for their party.

Organisationally, State Units have repeatedly found themselves being told to cling unto Chief Ministers from the party that hasn’t been flinched. They also have been instructed to alienate the Senior leaders. In order to make space for new politicians.

JP Nadda-the new BJP chief.

With state-level polls, heading to the halfway mark the electoral college that appoints the new president of BJP is over. The party is expected to have a new president by early 2020. It means, the Amit Shah will have to bid adieu to his post. And hand it over to JP Nadda. Shah has left a benchmark that is not only tough to surpass but also to match upto.  For him, Delhi elections and Bihar elections will become the judgement of his tenure as the head of the biggest party in the country.

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