Amit Shah is targeting Muslims through NRC: Maulana Madani

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The head of the Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind, Maulana Madani says Home minister’s call for implementing the National Register of Citizens(NRC) in India is discriminatory and will give the opportunity to forces that are hostile to the nation.
The leader of the largest group of Islamic scholars and ulemas said in reaction to the home minister’s speech that it was a sign that Muslims would be detained at the camps held in Assam.

Madani said that he doesn’t have any objection if NRC gets conducted across India. According to him, the way in which addressed the public in Kolkata was derogatory and was an indirect attack on Muslims.

Shah hinting at the undocumented immigrants from Bangladesh said,” We will throw out all the infiltrators.” He had passed this statement during the visit of Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina’s visit to Delhi.

He said discrimination on the grounds of religion violates fundamental rights enshrined in Articles 14 and 15 of the Constitution. In addition to that, it also breaches the protocol formulated by the United Nations.

“It seems as if only Muslims will be detained at the camps in Assam”, said the Islamic scholar. “If this happens so, it will be a disgrace for the nation as it will have to face humiliation at international platforms. He further stated that this will also encourage people who are willing to tarnish the image of the nation.

Let’s have a look at the speech of Home Minister on the NRC

Amit Shah’s Speech on NRC

In a major push for NRC and BJP in West Bengal, Home Minister said that intruders will be thrown out of India but Hindu, Sikh, Jain, Buddhist, and Christian refugees will be protected.

He in his speech was hinting at throwing out illegal Bangladeshi immigrants who have been garnering support from the ruling TMC party in the state of West Bengal.

Shah will be addressing the crowd at Netaji Stadium in Kolkata stated that the people were being misled about NRC.

In order to ensure that people who deserve to get Indian citizenship will get, Citizen Amendment Bill will be implemented.

He said that the bill was presented in Rajya Sabha, but TMC MPs didn’t allow it to function. Thus the bill was not passed, and due to this, people have still not received their citizenship.

Shah said that implementing the bill will ensure the security of the nation. He further states that the country will not be able to run smoothly if these intruders are not thrown out of the country.

Expressing his gratitude towards the people of Bengal, he said that it was due to their belief in BJP and Narendra Modi that they were able to win 14 LS seats in West Bengal. He said that if they continue to show their support towards the party, they will not disappoint the people of the state. He said the people over here have voted for Naxals, Congress and Trinamool Congress, they should also consider Bharatiya Janta Party for serving the state.

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Game Regulation In Latin AmericaMany countries around the world have different types of regulations in place for games...
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