#Yaaram Movie Review: #A headache-inducing love story

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#Yaaram is a Hindi language movie, revolving around the story of three youngsters. Rohit, ready for an arranged marriage, is asked by his friend Sahil to marry his ex-wife, just so he can get remarried to her. It revolves around the concept of triple talaq.

Critic’s Rating: 1.5/5

#Yaaram Summary:

Director:Ovais Khan
Producer:Vijay Mulchandani; Deepak Mulchandani; Karan Mulchandani
WriterVijay Mulchandani
ProductionYashavvi Films
Music:Jeet Gannguli; Rochak Kohli; Sohail Sen; Nayeem Shabir; Amar Mohile
Cinematography:Ovais Khan
Editor:Santosh Mandal
Budget:Rs 10 crores or less
Release Date:18th October 2019
Box Office Collection:Yet to be collected

#Yaaram Story:

Yaaram is a coming of age, romantic drama comedy movie, which revolves around the love triangle formed between three friends. Rohit is all set to have an arranged marriage and heads on over to Mauritius. There he meets with his best friend, Sahil, who also happens to be a Muslim. Sahil asks Rohit for a favor- to remarry his ex-wife. Salim and his wife were hooked together by Rohit himself, back in their younger years. In the heat of an argument, Sahil and his wife divorced, using the controversial Triple Talaq Islamic law, where the husband can divorce his wife by just uttering the words ‘Talaq” three times.

Salim regrets his decision now, and wants to get back with his ex-wife- the only problem is that, according to Islamic law, a divorced woman can’t get back with her first husband, till she remarries a divorces another man. Hence Salim seeks Rohit’s help in getting her back and asks him to marry her and divorce her. The story thus progresses in a series of flashbacks, to how they got into this current situation.

#Yaaram Cast:

  • Prateik Babbar as Rohit Bajaj
  • Siddhanth Kapoor as Sahil Qureshi
  • Ishita Raj Sharma as Zoya
  • Dilip Tahil as Sangarsh Bajaj
  • Anita Raj Hinorani as Vijeyta Bajaj
  • Shubha Rajput
  • Natasha Stankovic

#Yaaram Review:

If I had a penny for every time someone tried to make a movie featuring a love triangle in a “unique” way- I’d be very rich. Not only is the story a big cliche, but very offensive to Muslims in general. The director seemed to think that he was tackling a huge issue, but just ended up being extremely offensive to an entire religion. The storyline was dry and extremely predictable, including the so called “twists”. Besides the lack of the element of surprise, it is very difficult to make an audience watch a movie when the acts themselves look so bored. Prateik (whose acting I usually love) looks like he wants to jump out of the screen and run away from the viewers’ eyes. While Siddhant did a better job, it just wasn’t adequate.

I usually try to look at a redeeming quality in a film, but this time, I fail to see one. Ishita could have been made such a point, but her appearance was kept to the minimum. While the genre says “drama”, I fail to see any drama on screen.

I really wouldn’t recommend anyone to watch this film. There are many better romantic films out there.

#Yaaram Budget:

The movie is a low budget film, with a maximum cost of Rs 10 crores which includes productions and advertising.

#Yaaram Songs:


Kya Pandit

Kash Fir se

#Yaaram Release Date:

#Yaaram was released on 18th October 2019 in all Indian Cinemas near you

#Yaaram Poster

#Yaaram Photos:

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