Who is Sohail Kathuria? Man Engaged To Hansika Motwani Pics Shared On Instagram

 Who is Sohail Kathuria? Man Engaged To Hansika Motwani Pics Shared On Instagram

Who is Sohail Kathuria? Hey, folks! did you hear the news of Hansika Motwani’s wedding? Well, if not, then we are here to tell you about this most awaited moment of her fan’s life. Actually, Hansika shared a series of pictures on the internet recently where she was seen getting proposed to by a Mumbai-based businessman named Sohael Kathuria. In the pictures, you will see a man sitting down on his knees and proposing to the adorable girl of the entertainment industry. The proposal setup was arranged amazingly as you can see in the pictures, the couple standing in front of the Eiffel tower in Paris.

Hansika Motwani Wedding images husband images pics

Looking at the comment box you can assume how happy is everyone looking at those comments. The rest of the comments can be seen checking the post. There is no doubt that Hansika is one of the social butterflies who never misses any chance to share loverly moments of her life on social media. Checking her Instagram can show you, the girl always shares her day-to-day life pictures on social media. She usually stays active on her online handles.

Hansika Motwani Is Engaged Now!

As soon as the pictures went viral on social media it created buzz and became the talk of the town. Since the series of photos shared on Instagram, not only her fans but Bollywood celebrities are congratulating them by writing comments on the post. Hansika shared the pictures on her official Instagram by captioning them “Now and forever”. On the post, Sohail commented, “I love you my life” and used the hashtag writing #NowAndForever. The comment section was filled with a lot of blessings where prominent actors of the entertainment industry commented. Actor Varun Dhawan said, “Congratulations, Hansika”,  Esha Gupta wrote, “OMG yay congratulations babyyy.” Sriya Reddy wrote, “so so so happy for both of you! Love and happiness now and always. Jumping with joy.”

Who Is Sohail Kathuria?

Well, there is not much information available on the internet so far about the man, who proposed Hansika Motwani. But Hansika tagged his man in her pictures on IG. According to much information available on the internet, it gets to know that he is an entrepreneur from Mumbai. He has 846 followers on IG along with 460s followers. If you are thinking you will check all of his images, then we would like to tell you that he has a private account. Although, there is not much information available on the internet it seems like now he will be published online after all the man is going to married Hansika Motwani.

There is no doubt that she has had a massive fan following since 2003 when she was just 16 years old. After portraying the role in Hritik Roshan’s movie she never looked back and got the limelight she ever dreamed of. The Indian actress predominantly appears in Tamil and Telugu films. Although, she began her career in Bollywood movies later she moved to Tamil and Telugu movies where she started getting lead roles. Well, saying this won’t be bad because the girl is ruling millions of hearts as you can see from her Instagram profile. On IG she has more than 5.6 million followers, and every single count on her Instagram always checks on her and gets happy seeing her glimpse.


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