Who is Adil Khan Durrani? Rakhi Sawant Wedding Images & Rumors

 Who is Adil Khan Durrani? Rakhi Sawant Wedding Images & Rumors

So, here comes the most anticipated and captivating news of the year. Now, why we are saying this to be the interesting news of the year is because controversy and drama queen Rakhi Sawant has tied the knot finally! Although there are plenty of speculations on the internet about her wedding, from Deepak Kalal to Ritesh Pandey, the lady is always seen surrounded by the headlines or better say she makes it on her own. But perhaps finally the day has come when Bollywood’s most savage girl has tied the knot with her secret dating beau Adil Khan Durrani. You must be searching for her new husband, well if yes then be here till the end of this article.

Who is Adil Khan Durrani? Rakhi Sawant Wedding Images & Rumors

One of the most loved and savage television actresses Rakhi Sawant who is known for her controversies in the past is once again in the headlines after some of her images with her husband went viral on the internet and since the news of her marriage broke on the social media, it is creating a buzz and as expected people are not only getting keen to know about her husband’s identity but also they are searching if the news is true or it is something like one of her old ways to be in the news. According to the reports, the B-Town queen tied the knot with her long-time boyfriend Adil Khan, the couple tied the knot in a very low-key manner as there was no pomp and show seen.

Who Is Rakhi Sawant Husband Adil Khan Durrani?

Now, as the man married to the most loved and searched name, it is just expected of him to be in the headlines. So, the most searched thing on the internet that you will find is, who is Adil Khan Durrani? However, not much information is available so far about him but according to the reports, Khan is an Indian entrepreneur. The man is prominently known for being Rakhi Sawant’s boyfriend, Talking about his profession so Adil Khan is indulged in many businesses in Mysore, Karnataka involving an ice cream parlor named Dezert Lab in Mysore, reportedly.

Is Rakhi Sawant Married To Adil Khan?

Well, this is another question that is trending on social media. However, it started doing rounds when a series of pictures of the couple together went viral on the web. In the viral pictures, it can be seen that both of them are standing holding the marriage certificate and wearing wedding garlands. However, in another picture, you can see Rakhi signing the certificate. Although the certificate has a previous year’s date that shows, weddings happened in 2022, it started trending on the internet in 2023.

Although no official announcement from anyone has been made so far and it is all yet to come officially, therefore, saying this won’t be bad that still, Rakhi Sawant’s marriage is a speculated news. Stay in the loop to read all the latest news on all trending headlines. Also, hit the comment box below to share your thoughts on how much do you like Rakhi Sawant.


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