Viral Video: Bottle Thrown At Singer Kailash Kher During Concert At Hampi Utsav

 Viral Video: Bottle Thrown At Singer Kailash Kher During Concert At Hampi Utsav

You will hardly find a celebrity who never met with any type of incident in his or her career span. From wardrobe malfunctions to fighting in a live show, celebrity life is not as good as it seems always. Every time a celebrity hits the stage he or she must meet with incidents, from singers to actors and influencers, people do misbehave with artists. Well, the same thing happened recently, when a Bollywood playback singer was performing live. We are talking about Kailash Khair who is among the most loved playback singers in Bollywood. The singer recently met with a mishappening during a live concert.

Viral Video: Bottle Thrown At Singer Kailash Kher During Concert At Hampi Utsav

Actually, singer Kailash Kher was performing live at a concert that was held in Karnataka’s Hampi on Sunday. While he was performing some people from the crowd threw bottles at him allegedly for not singing any Kannada song. According to the reports, the singer was only singing Hindi songs due to which the show was in full swing but later when the audience insisted on him singing a Kannada song, he didn’t hear them and continued to boost the crowd by singing Hindi songs. Currently, the news is trending on social media with the headline “Singer Kailash Kher faced heckling at a concert”.

Kailash Kher Live Concert Incident

While the singer was performing at the show, two men threw bottles at him angrily because the singer didn’t sing any Kannada songs. The shocking incident took place during the closing ceremony of the Hampi Utsav, reported by the Hampi Police. Although, both of the wrongdoers were nabbed later and identified as  Pradeep, 22, and Surah, 21. As soon as the news started surfacing on the web it created a buzz and people also came up in the support of the singer. In the viral video singer Kailash Kher can be seen performing and making people groove when suddenly from the crowd a bottle flies towards him but misses the aim, and drops on the stage behind the singer.

Although, the singer does not get distracted by the incident and he continues to perform. Just after that moment one of the officials from the organizing team was seen removing the half-filled water bottle from the stage. However, it was not the first time when a singer met with such shameful act from the crowd but it has been hapening since a very long time or better say since artists have borned. In today’s era people do think that artists are their pupets and make them move according to them. From Yo Yo Honey Singh to Neha Kakker artists do face such incidents. Share your valuable thoughts on this scene. Stay connected with us.


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