Urfi Javed Takes A Dig At Jaya Bachchan For Her Rude Behavior With Pap!

 Urfi Javed Takes A Dig At Jaya Bachchan For Her Rude Behavior With Pap!

Once again the slaying girl whose dressing style is the reason for her being in the news is once again in the headlines, Urfi Javed whose dressing sense is something that no one can emulate or even dare to do the same. The 25-year-old Instagram influencer is again a hot potato for her new dress which she saw sticking a shirt on her breast. Now, if you are thinking about what is new in this, well seeing her jaw-dropping pictures can show what we are talking about. On her official Instagram, you can check her posts, and later you won’t say ask about what different she did this time.

Urfi Javed HD images Jaya bachchan fight

Well, besides her dresses, the girl also faces criticism for her lifestyle, and recently Abhishek Bachchan’s mother Jaya Bachchan got slammed by Urfi Javed. Actually, Jaya Bachchan was leaving for somewhere when a paparazzi started to click her pictures on this Jaya said to the photographer “Serves you right… I hope you double and fall.” After the videos were recorded by one of the paparazzi, the video went viral on social media after which people started criticizing Big B’s wife Jaya Bachchan, saying “she does not have respect for people”. While the scene was going on, the viral video somehow reached Urfi, and as you all know that whenever there is any disrespect to any paparazzi, the girl reaches on time and takes initiative.

Urfi Javed Criticises Jaya Bachchan 

Urfi took the video and repost it on her social media where she wrote “Did she just say ‘I hope you double and fall’? Please let’s not be like her, let’s hope all of us only rise. Be it the one behind the camera or in front. People won’t respect you because you’re elder to them or more powerful, they’ll respect you if you’re nice to them.” Just after her reposting the clip and taking a dig at Jaya Bachchan it created a buzz on social media where people praised Urfi for her action. After her reaction to the scene, many of the paparazzi came up and praised Urfi for her braveness. As she never has seen arguing or insulting paparazzi, they also love her and chase her wherever she goes.

Urfi Javed’s New Fashion Style

Now if we talk about what is new about Urfi Javed then, we would like to tell you that recently, Urfi set the internet ablaze after she post a reel on her official Instagram account where she was seen wearing a shirt but not exactly wearing it. Now, if you are thinking what? then, Urfi tore a shirt and stick only the front side of that shirt and made a backless cloth that is usually not supposed to be. In the caption, she wrote, “You don’t need to wear a shirt to wear a shirt”. The short clip has gained more than 1.4 million views along with massive likes on it. As the girl is having a huge fan following therefore whatever she does, gets viral just in a few minutes.


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