Trying to Learn English by Watching Movies or Series? Here Is How You Can Do It

 Trying to Learn English by Watching Movies or Series? Here Is How You Can Do It

We are here to give you some tips to improve your English speaking or listening skills by watching series or movies in English on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other platforms. 

Quick tips for learning English

1. Start Short and Build up

We recommend starting with shorter episodes, which may gradually allow you to build your listening comprehension and vocabulary. Then, you can watch longer episodes with more complex language as your vocabulary improves.  

2. Select Subtitles that are Based on Your Level

It doesn’t matter if you are on a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level; you need to know the following things:-

  • BEGINNER: if you are at your beginner level, you should start by watching a TV show or movie with English audio with subtitles of the language you are proficient in. you will be exposed to hearing new vocabulary while still understanding the subtitles. 


  • INTERMEDIATE: Watching with English Audio and English Subtitles is a great way to strengthen your vocabulary and improve your pronunciation. This will allow you to hear and remember new words simultaneously. 


  • ADVANCED: You should now start watching these series and movies without subtitles. Like listening to a real-life conversation, listening to English without subtitles is challenging! Moreover, learning new vocabulary based on context should quickly develop your listening comprehension skills. 

3. Use Language Learning Applications

Language learning with Netflix is a Chrome extension that streams while simultaneously displaying two subtitles in different languages. This is very helpful if Netflix offers your language as a subtitle option. 

You can also slow the playback and auto-pause after every line if you need to read at a slower speed to understand it better. Plus, you can open the episode’s script next to the video and choose specific sentences to skip ahead. You can also click on individual words to find quick translations. 

4. Binge-watching can be a good help for you.

Engagement makes a huge difference in learning a new language. Being exposed to as much of the language as possible can help you understand the accents and learn more terms and expressions. You can get a great excuse to watch your favourite English language show for hours!

5. Practice speaking with friends and family

After watching, you can test your comprehension by discussing the show with others. With fan groups worldwide, you have different options to practice speaking. You can look for a language exchange group to discuss TV shows or movies in English. If you are attending English classes, this could also be the best opportunity to discuss the shows you have watched. 

If you cannot meet in person, you can search online forums to discuss the show with others. 

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