Top 5 Most Watched Hindi Songs In 2022 On YT Pushpa Movie’s Songs On Top! Read More

 Top 5 Most Watched Hindi Songs In 2022 On YT Pushpa Movie’s Songs On Top! Read More

Top 5 Most Watched Hindi Songs In 2022: Well, if we talk about music then no doubt that Indian music producers and other musical artists are now doing good in their sectors. From playback singers to independent music artists, the Indian music industry is now ruling the internet. Every year we listen to a lot of songs but very few hit the music chart. Although, there are many songs that have been registered as the most viewed song of the year. If you ever look at the most watched songs in India then you will get to know that actually, the list is being ruled by the Haryanvi and Punjabi music industry, and some of the Bhojpuri songs too.

Top 5 Most Watched Hindi Songs In 2022 On YT Pushpa Movie's Songs On Top! Read More

Despite other languages of music such as Bhojpuri, Haryanvi, and Punjabi here we are talking about the most-watched Hindi songs (Bollywood) in 2022. Although, the list is pretty huge that writing all the songs would not be that interesting at all. But still keeping so many scenarios in the mind we have made a list of the top 5 most viewed Hindi songs in 2022. Before talking about the songs we would like to attract your sight to the basis on which the list is being made. So, before making a top 5 songs list many things such as comments (Positive), likes, and streaming is being considered and after going through this process a song comes out on the list. So, here are the songs that made people groove.

Top 5 Most Viewed Hindi Songs 2022

  • Srivalli From Pushpa (566 Million+)
  • Saami-Saami From Pushpa (527 Million+)
  • Kesariya From Brahmastra (403 Million+)
  • Oo Bolega ya Oo Oo Bolega From Pushpa (357 Million+)
  • Nacho-Nacho from RRR (236 Million+)

Well, if we talk about more songs then no doubt that there would be many songs but these 5 songs are among the most streamed songs in 2022, and that too with much positive and good response from the audience without much criticism. When it comes to talking about these songs in brief then here is detailed information about these songs.

1. Srivalli From Pushpa (566 Million+)

Now, if we talk about the song then the Srivalli song is on the 1st number of the most listened to songs of 2022. Actually, the song is from a 2021 Indian Telugu-language action drama film titled Pushpa: The Rise – Part 01. Although, it can not be doubted that the movie hit an audience of six, and every single person from the audience praised the movie because from the story to the screenplay the movie won millions of hearts. Talking about the song so the Hindi version of the movie has 5 songs where Srivalli is on the top with 566+ million views. The Hindi version of the song is sung by Javed Ali and the Lyrics are penned down by Raqueeb Alam.

2. Saami-Saami From Pushpa (527 Million+)

Heading ahead in the list we have another song from the same movie that has over 500+ million views and the song also became the hit of the year on the official YT channel of T-Series. Well, the movie was originally released in Telugu language and later it was released in 4 other languages such as Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, and Hindi. Almost, in every language, the movie performed well but in the Hindi language, it created a buzz on the big screen. Song Saami-Saami from the movie crossed over 527 million views, it was sung by Sunidhi Chauhan Lyrics were penned down by Raqueeb Alam.

3. Kesariya From Brahmastra (403 Million+)

Talking about another most watched or viewed song of the year so here we have Kesariya from Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt’s movie titled Brahmastra which has over 400+ million views. When it comes to talking about the film, Brahmastra is a Bollywood movie directed by Ayan Mukherjee and released in 2022. It features Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Amitabh Bachchan, and Nagarjuna Akkineni in lead roles. It is a superhero film set in a fantasy world and part of a planned trilogy.

In this movie, all of the songs are just amazing but in the limelight, there are 2 songs which are Kesariya and Rasiya. Meanwhile, Rasiya has not gone more than 200 million therefore the song is not on the list. Talking about the song credits in the song there is a trio of the industry who always drops an amazing song, while the music is given by Pritam lyrics penned down by Amitabh Bhattacharya, and the song is sung by Arijit Singh.

4. Oo Bolega ya Oo Oo Bolega From Pushpa (357 Million+)

Again on the 4th number we have a song from Allu Arjun’s movie “Pushpa”. As we said that the movie was released in 5 different languages and the Oo Bolega ya Oo Oo Bolega From the movie crossed 357 Million+ views. Now, if we talk about what makes this song special and attractive then the answer is its heroine’s jaw-dropping moves. In the song, you will watch Samantha grooving and the way she dances can easily force you to watch the video on a loop. The song in the Hindi language was sung by Kanika Kapoor.

5. Nacho-Nacho from RRR (236 Million+)

Heading to the end of the list we have another song that is also considered a power song on which everyone grooved and tried copying the steps of the original actors. Apart from the energy and fun in the song, it is not hidden that after Allu Arjun’s “Pushpa” it became another movie that was loved by the audience, and the movie recently got awarded. Talking about the song so the nation won its 1st Golden Globe award for the Telugu song Natu Natu or say Nacho Nacho in Hindi from the movie RRR.

So, above are the most watched and streamed or better say most loved Hindi songs in 2022. Top 5 Most Watched Hindi Songs In 2022. Although, as we said that the list is based on several bases such as likes, comments, and audience responses therefore if you find any error then share your thoughts in the comment box, we would love to make changes if the error will be a real one. Also, hit the comment box and share your favorite song, till then stay tuned with to read more trending news.


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