T-Series Bhushan Kumar Expressed His Disappointment On Celebs Demanding High Fee

 T-Series Bhushan Kumar Expressed His Disappointment On Celebs Demanding High Fee

No doubt, Bollywood is going through a very tough time when every movie that is soon to hit the big screen, gets demanded to be boycotted. However, what is the exact reason behind the campaign is yet to come. But saying this is not going to be a bad thing that Bollywood previously has done something due to which the entertainment industry is repenting now. While the industry is going through loss, many of the producers such as Karan Johar and Bhushan Kumar have come up to reveal another dark side of the industry.

T-Series Bhushan Kumar Expressed His Disappointment On Celebs Demanding High Fee

In the Bollywood industry, we see something new something even more shocking with every passing day and since the boycott trend has begun, producers are frequently expressing their displeasure with the actors and actresses over the payments. Now, as we all know that in B-town there are plenty more actresses and actors who are highly paid and they do not even touch the low-budget movie’s script, no matter if their movie is going to at least live up to the expectations. Since Bollywood met with the boycott movement it has become a tough thing to get the movie hit on the big screen.

How Boycott Movement Is Ruining The Industry

It is not a hidden secret that all the movies that have been released previously post-pandemic are not performing as well as they used to be in the past and this is all because of the boycott movement. Therefore, Bollywood producers are now also seen expressing their vexation over actors for denying to work with less fees. Recently, Producer Karan Johar expressed his displeasure on the same thing, and now the head of T-Series come up to show his disappointment.

Talking about Karan Johar so the celebrity maker in his statement put a jibe at Bollywood stars for their high demanding fees such as 20 crores. He jibed saying actors are demanding 20 crores for a movie and their movie is giving only 5 crores at the box office. Now, Bhushan Kumar, head of T-Series come up saying “despite being in the swim about the current phase actors are demanding high, although, some are aware of the current situation of the market some are still demanding 20-25 crore per movie”.

Bhushan Kumar On Actors’ Charging High Fees

When it was asked to Bhushan Kumar about the highly demanding fees by all of the artists in the industry he replied: “whomsoever we have talked to so far understand the current situation and they are not denying the fact”. Now, those who accepted his offer praised but some other faces who didn’t accept his offer, he got furious saying “Lekin Abhi still some actors are there, who say ki Nahi, hum toh itna hi lenge, warna nahi karenge. Toh hum unke saath nahi kar rahe. Hum unko bol rahe hain, mat karo, we also don’t want to do. Hum nuksaan ke liye kyu karenge?”

He ended up saying who is working to bear the loss and that too alone? When we all are here to work and make a profit then why should we give them their demanded price when everyone knows that the movie is not going to emulate even the demanded fees? So, this is what currently buzzing social media, hit the comment box and share your perspective on this. Stay in the loop with Newsmint to read more updates.


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