Sunny Leone Viral Video: Splitsvilla Host Trying To Blow Shankh Ends Up In Controversy

 Sunny Leone Viral Video: Splitsvilla Host Trying To Blow Shankh Ends Up In Controversy

Sunny Leone Viral Video: Nowadays everything gets viral on the internet especially when something relates to mythology. No matter if something (picture or video) contains something that really hurts or not. But people have much free time that they share without even thinking. Amid the phase, a video of actress sunny leone got viral on the internet where she was seen sitting somewhere and trying to blow the “Sankh”. However, there is no doubt that blowing Shankh is not a cup of tea for everyone as it takes much faith and energy to get the sound out of that, but still, a lot of people try to blow and very less people get succeed.

Sunny Leone Viral Video: Splitsvilla Host Trying To Blow Shankh Ends Up In Controversy

So, today’s latest and most trending news that you will find is, Sunny Leone viral video. In the video you will see the actress blowing a Shankh. However, she gets failed making sound out of that and she laughs in the mid of blowing. The lady post this video on her official Instagram and twitter account. Now, as the lady has a massive fan following therefore, the video went viral just in few moments and created a buzz, as soon as the video caught the hype some mythological netizens came up to criticize her saying she should not do what she has done because the “Shankh” (Shell) is used to worship in the Hindu culture and no one laughs while blowing it because it is a direct insult of the religion.

Sunny Leone Viral Video

In the video, the Bollywood actress can be seen sitting at a restaurant and trying to blow the shell but the lady laughs when she didn’t get succeed. Below the video the lady captioned “Didn’t work out the way I thought. Someone will need to teach me how to do this one day”. However, she is one of the cutest actresses in the B-Town whom everyone loves and behind this viral video she didn’t have any intentions of hurting people’s sentiments. But as the current phase going on the “Baby Doll” is currently phasing a huge media outrage.

The 41 years old Canadian-American-Indian model and actress has been gripping millions of hearts since a very long time. Although, the lady is curreny quite busy in hosting one of the popular reality game show called MTV Splitsvilla X4. Her attempt to blow the shell didn’t like by many people and she ended up being surrounded by outrage.

Netizens Reaction On Video

As we all know that a Shankh (shell) has religious ritual importance in Hinduism, and no one will bear the insult of such thing even when it is one of the importance things in the beliefs. Talking about the comments so one comment reads “Ye mazak karne ki chiz nahi hai. Hum puja karte hai Sankh Ki, ye ho nahi raha Tho pure faith k sath koshish karni chahiye, Isme hasne Vali koi Baat Hai nahi jo sab has rahe hai or unko na bolne Ki bajaye video banaya or post bhi kiya, besharam log cheeee “.

Not only this but if you look down in the comment box of the viral video then you will found so many negative comments. Now, as per this long written comment you can assume that people won’t bear any insult of their religion which is a mandatory thing. Hit the comment box and share your thoughts on this viral video, and if you have not watched sunny leone latest viral video then here is the clip you can watch. Stay tuned with us to read more viral news across the nation.


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