Sonu Nigam Manhandled During A Live Show In Mumbai Bollywood Singer Fight Viral Video

 Sonu Nigam Manhandled During A Live Show In Mumbai Bollywood Singer Fight Viral Video

Artists have been getting manhandled for a long time and there is no doubt that these kinds of things have been written in an artist’s fate. After all thousands of people come to watch the show but, every time a singer or dancer performs, people think of them as their own puppets and abuse them. Now, recently one of the veteran playback singers of the Bollywood industry, Sonu Nigam witnessed the same thing with him. According to the reports, Sonu Nigam got manhandled during a live show in Chambur. And as soon as the news of his getting shingled during a live show went viral, people, or better say his fans started searching for the clip and complete news.

Sonu Nigam Manhandled During A Live Show In Mumbai Bollywood Singer Fight Viral Video

So, according to the reports, the famous Bollywood singer Sonu Nigam was performing live at a show held in Chembur, Mumbai. It was Monday 20th Feb when the “Main Hoon Na” singer was performing. Meanwhile, a man come up and misbehaved with the singer’s manager. The local reports have claimed that the accused was the son of a local MLA, who is reportedly associated with Shiv Sena (UBT). However, the news has now caught the hype and netizens are looking at the incident from different angles.

Singer Sonu Nigam Manhandled During Live Show Video

Undoubtedly, it is one of the very shameful acts that happened during the show. However, this is a normal thing because artists usually go through such incidents many times that sometimes end up with massive injuries, and the same thing happened at Sonu Nigam’s live show in Chembur, when he was shoved, while he was stepping down the stairs. Well, you can assume the madness of the people that one of the singer’s aides was thrown off the stage after which another was shoved on the stairs. Here is the video that you can watch as well, in the video it can be seen how forcefully the singer’s aide was shoved that he fell off the stage.

According to the reports, when it was asked from the singer about what exactly happened at the spot. On this, Mr. Nigam replied “I fell on the stairs after I was shoved. Rabbani (Khan) came to save me and was also pushed from behind. the man could have died. I filed a complaint because people must think about it when they force someone to take a selfie”.

In accordance with the online and police reports, the accused was identified as Swapnil Phaterpekar, son of MLA Prakash Phaterpekar. Although, the opposition came up criticizing the minister, the police have denied any political involvement in the case. Although It is being said, there were no specific intentions of hurting the singer but it all happened in a hurry and hopelessness because the accused came up just to click selfies with the singer. Currently, the police is looking for more information in the case and investigating into the matter. Stay tuned with us to get more updates on the all trending headlines.


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