Shahid Kapoor on the early age his wife got married to him

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  • Shahid Kapoor recently attended the Jagran Film festival held at Mumbai where he spoke about his marriage to Mira Rajput when she was just 20 years old
  • Mira, at the time of their marriage in 2015, was criticized by a lot of people for marrying so early
  • Shahid states that this decision spoke of her maturity and that not a lot of people have that conviction at that age
  • He believes that the opinionated people need to focus on their own lives
  • He also spoke up about her being a housewife and states that she is plenty busy throughout her day

Shahid Kapoor, an Indian actor, who recently appeared in the successful Hindi remake of the Telugu Movie, Kabir Singh, attended the Jagran Film festival on Sunday, 29th September 2019, held in Mumbai. He spoke up about the criticism that his wife, Mira Kapoor faces on a daily basis and even back when they decided to get married in 2015.

The couple has been together since 2015 and got married when Mira was just 20 years old. She received a lot of backlash at the time for deciding to marry at such a tender age. Addressing this, Shahid told the media at the Film Festival that this decision of hers spoke a lot about how mature she was as a person. He states that she is an evolved person who had a lot of conviction at that age, something which not a lot of people have.

He also states that it took him a lot of time to reach that kind of maturity and conviction and being just 20 and having the ability to make that kind of a decision is a good thing.

The Kabir Singh star further said that there are a lot of people with opinions that they don’t need to have. He believes that such people need to focus on their own lives to gain happiness. He says that people who don’t have anything to do in their personal life are the ones who have such opinions.

Mira was also criticised for being a housewife and not working. To this, Shahid just said that she had plenty of work and took out enough time for herself, and many times, he was at the end of her priority list. He believes that handling such things is not easy either and she has a lot of responsibilities.

Kapoor further spoke about his problems with social norms dictating how a woman should be and how men should be. He quotes,

“i have an issue with people deciding how men should be and how women should be. i don’t want anybody to decide for me who i choose to be. i happen to be a man that much is being decided for me. what kind of man i want to be is my choice. and the same needs hold for women.”

He says that women telling other women how to be, and what to do, is the opposite of empowerment. He believes it is about support among gender.

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