Sargam Koushal Wiki & Biography! Mrs. World 2022 Winner’s Husband Name & Pics

 Sargam Koushal Wiki & Biography! Mrs. World 2022 Winner’s Husband Name & Pics

India got the Mrs. World Crown back after 21 years. If you are one of the netizens then you must be in the swim that the crown was first won by India back in 2001 when an Indian lady named Dr. Aditi Govitrikar won the pageant. Now, after 21 years Mrs. World’s pageant has been won by Sargam Koushal. Mrs. Koushal trumped all the contestants from 63 countries to bring the title back to India after 2 decades, she was crowned on 18th December 2022 at a gala event in Las Vegas. Undoubtedly, this is one of the moments that made everyone proud of Mrs. Sargam.

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The official page for Mrs. India Pageant shared the news on its Instagram account where they wrote, “The long wait is over, it’s after 21 years we have the CROWN back!” The lady burst into tears after being crowned the winner. Well, the Indian audience and the world too, everyone is now getting keen to know about her personal life and the most searched question you will find on the internet today is, who is Sargam Koushal, her husband’s name and images and so on. So, if you are also one of those who are searching about her personal life and for personal information then here we are telling you all the available details about her that we found on the internet so far.

Who is Sargam Koushal?

So, as you all know that the lady recently won the Mrs. World Pageant 2022 and therefore she does not have an official Wikipedia page. However, the lady will soon get everything as she has made India proud after 21 years. Talking about her personal life, as per the reports, Mrs. Sargam Koushal hails from Jammu and Kashmir. As we said that the lady is yet to get her own official Wikipedia page therefore her real age is not confirmed, while some websites are claiming that she is 32 years old, some are saying that she is just 27 years old.

According to the online news, Sargam Koushal tied the knot with a Navy Officer in 2017, and despite being a model she has worked as a teacher in Visakhapatnam also known as Vizag. In a social media post, she showed her gratitude toward her audience. On her official account, she post a photo where she was seen standing with folding hands wearing a sash where her title is written “Mrs. World”, and the crown of pride as well. In the caption, she wrote, “The long wait is over, it’s after 21 years we have the Crown back!”

Mrs. World Pageant History!

The Mrs. World Pageant actually used to be Mrs. America before 1988, however, later it was changed to Mrs. World. Over the years, Mrs. World has witnessed many entrants from over 80 countries with America having the most number of winners. As it began in America therefore, the Pageants have seen a number of American ladies winning the title. This is the first beauty pageant where married women can take participation and follow their passion for modeling.

Now, as the crown is back in India after 21-22 years, so you can take the idea of all the Indian’s excitement. It was first won by Aditi Govitrikar in 2001. She is an Indian actress, physician, and former model. As per Aditi’s Wikipedia, she is currently enjoying her life in her 40s, she is 46 years old. Well, now, when the world got its another Mrs. World who is an Indian personality, saying this won’t be bad that soon she will appear in some big projects. Our team is delighted to wish her a successful and bright future ahead! Stay tuned to read more news.


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